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How To Buy Your First Car?...

27 January 2016, 02:52 PM

There is a mixed feeling of anxiety and excitement when a person plans to buy his/her first car ever. Considering the vast automotive industry of India, one can either purchase a new car or a used one as per his requirements and budget. Majority of people agree on the fact that they prefer their first car to be a new one rather than a used model. A number of financing schemes have made it possible for almost anyone to buy new car of his own choice. However, there are initial queries, which should be dealt with properly before one starts the car buying process.

  • Setting a budget: Among the first and foremost thing before buying a car is choosing a budget within which the user wants to make a purchase. Setting up the budget should include the all-inclusive showroom car price, extra charges of accessories if needed, charges for registering the vehicle through the concerned department and cost of insurance.

  • Type of car needed: One should also consider the type of car he/she wants to buy as per the needs. The major segments of an automobile in the domestic market are hatchback, sedan, Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) and Multi Utility Vehicle (MUV). The final decision on the type of car needed should be made after keeping in mind the transportation needs.

  • Reliability of the car: People are advised to do a thorough research on the model, which they plan to buy. Every car has its pros and cons and every user wants the former aspect to be the maximum in his vehicle. It must be noted down how much will be the maintenance cost of the car, what fuel economy is it providing and how efficient its engine performance is on roads.

  • Taking a test drive: Once, people have made their final decision on the car they want to buy, they can go for a test drive of the same model in the nearest dealership. Almost all the new car dealers provide this lucrative service and allow the users to experience the driveability of the vehicle. The test drive usually takes place over a long duration and allows the user to examine the car mileage, its interior comfort, features and other aspects.

  • Locating the dealer: After the cars of choices have been examined, people can select from the model, which pleased them the most and locate its nearest dealer. Every car manufacturer has its dealerships spread all over the nation, be it a rural area or a metropolitan city. The most convenient dealer can be chosen and enquired regarding all the issues one is facing during car purchase. After the queries have been sorted, people can start with the documentation process, which generally takes 2-3 days.

  • Finding the most suitable deal: After contacting the dealer, people can ask about the variety of deals, which arrive with the new car models. Almost all the dealerships introduce new schemes and deals, which range from extra free servicing to extended warranty. During the festivals, a number of such schemes are launched, which tempt the buyers heavily. Similar deals can be selected while purchasing the car and its benefits can be availed by the user.

  • Getting the car financed: People, at present, have the convenience to get the new car models financed through a number of exclusive schemes. However, it must be kept in mind as to how much interest should be paid and what will be the amount of monthly instalments. This gives a fair idea to the user that how much he/she should save to maintain the household budget and also pay the EMIs of the car with ease.

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