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Car Accessories For Summers...

18 April 2014, 12:44 PM

Summers approach and the dilemma starts as to how one should get respite from the scorching heat outside. This season has its impact on all, be it people in a household or in a car going on a long journey. It is a general concern among drivers that even the air conditioner loses its effect after sometime as the inside of the car continuously gets heated. There are a few products available in few car accessory and boutique shops that are effective in keeping the cool inside the car. A range of summer car accessories can be purchased from these outlets and they are as follows:

  1. Tinted Sheets for Windows: These sheets are manufactured from special synthetic material, which absorb the heat falling on the car's windows. They also protect the occupants from harmful UV rays and help reducing the temperature inside the vehicle by 20 to 35 per cent. These sheets are available in a variety of shades and generally cost between Rs. 700 – Rs. 2000 per glass. Furthermore, they also help in enhancing the outer looks of the car; thus making the vehicle look more stunning.

  1. Summer Back Seat Covers: There are a number of seasonal seat covers available in the auto market and come in a variety of shapes and fabrics. They are made of a special moisture absorbing material, which is ideal for summers. Along with these, there are also those covers, which have layers of a special gel material. This gel substance helps in maintaining the cool of the body by absorbing the sweat and offering more convenience to the passengers on long journeys.

  1. Dashboard Covers: The dashboard of a car is usually made of a vinyl material, which gets heated quickly in summers. To prevent this, there are several covers available in car accessories shops that are made of fine quality fabrics. They also help in preventing the dashboard to lose its lustre as constant exposure to sun's heat might harm the same in long run. This is highly beneficial for people planning to buy used cars as the vehicle might have its shine inside after constant usage. These covers can be employed as they also offer a spectacular look to the interiors.

  1. Car Remote Starter: With the advancement in technology, people these days are employing new features in their vehicles to make the driving experience more enjoyable. One such feature is car remote starter, through which users can automatically switch on the ignition and other consoles of the car without even sitting inside it. These remote starters are beneficial in summers as a person can switch on the AC unit and let it maintain the temperature inside the car before he/she finally sits on the heated seat.

  1. Ice Cooler Box: These boxes are ideal to store beverages of all kinds and prevent them from getting warm even during maximum heat. This box comes in a variety of stylish shapes and colours and also enhances the inner looks of new cars as well as old ones. These boxes have layers of special plastic that do not let the heat enter inside them and allows the passengers to take a sip of chilling drinks whenever they want.

  1. Car Air Fresheners: During summers, the stale smell from sweat and moisture in the clothes starts pervading inside the car; thus making it inconvenient for the passengers to sit with ease. To cure the same, various types of car perfumes and air-freshening sprays are available in the boutique shops.


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