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Nissan launches NissanConnect, a connected car platform

Nissan launches NissanConnect, a connected car platform
Bilal Firfiray Bilal Firfiray Thursday 10 August 2017, 17:03 PM

Nissan India has introduced a new NissanConnect mobile connectivity app that helps car owners connect to their cars. Developed specifically for the Indian market for all their products, the NissanConnect platform provides vital car information, driving history as well as safety and security features.

Available to be downloaded on both Android, Windows and iOS operating systems, NissanConnect uses an embedded telematics control unit (TMC) with an inbuilt SIM card for every car. The units relays information to a centralised server through the internet connectivity where it is logged and processed for further usage. Through this app the customers can get important information about their car, its usage and connected family features. This service comes with 50 connected car features, says Nissan, and has three years of free subscription and one year of warranty.

The NissanConnect features information and notification such as Speed Alert and Geo Fencing. The former alerts the owner if the car exceeds a set speed limit, while the latter immediately sends a notification if the car moves out of the set perimeter by the owner. Then there is also the Curfew Alert which lets the owner know if the car is being used beyond the set usage time of the day. In addition to this there are other safety and security features like E-Call (SOS button) which leads to road-side assistance and emergency services. Customers can also use the app to locate the car on the map, plan a trip with weather info, usage and maintenance tips and voice alerts.

The app has a social quotient as well, where the customer can share their location to family and friends, interact and share experience with Nissan community members and an ‘eco score grand prix’ which makes a leader board of the most fuel efficient driver which can be then shared on the social network.

This app is developed by the Renault Nissan Technology Business Centre India and is the first step towards realisation of Nissans connected future plans. In its early stages of development, NissanConnect will keep adding more features over time to ultimately become a part of Nissan Intelligent Mobility scheme which hopes to see more connected features in the years to come. While it will come standard with all new Nissan cars, existing car owners will also have the option to get the system retrofitted on their cars in due course of time.


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