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India's most Dzireable sedan: Bringing the third generation to life

India's most Dzireable sedan: Bringing the third generation to life
Desirazu Venkat Desirazu Venkat Saturday 13 May 2017, 21:34 PM

Maruti Suzuki is launching the third generation of the Dzire compact sedan for the Indian market on May 16 and ahead of the debut we were invited to their Manesar facility to come and see their compact sedan being brought to life. Set up in 2006, this is the Indo-Japanese automaker’s second facility in the region and is responsible for the production of models like the Swift, Ciaz and of course the Dzire since it was launched in 2008. It produces 3100 cars a day and in the last 11 years, it has rolled out more than a million wheels on our roads.   

Here then are some glimpses of the third generation Dzire as it begins life in the form of an ‘infant’ sheet metal and within the next 20 minutes goes through various stages of production to become the compact sedan that we on our roads today.

1.     Our first views of the assembly line were of automated robots in the press shop and weld shop pressing and welding high tensile steel into body panels and doors. It is very easy to get transfixed into watching these machines do the equivalent of a synchronised dance routine while completing their chores on the metal parts.

2.    A flexible assembly line means we got to see the machines change holding points to switch between the body shells of the Dzire, Swift and the Ciaz. Here we also got an over the top view of the Dzire’s new Heartec platform being precision welded together once again by the automated robots.

3.    Once the welding is completed, the shells are sent to the paint shop and then brought to the assembly shop where the interior trims, engine and transmission and finally the wheels are mated to the car, giving it its final form.

4.    The plant plans its production schedule five days in advance so that work flow is continuous allowing faster and possibly more efficient delivery times between the factories outside Delhi and a Maruti Suzuki/Nexa showroom near you.

5.    Once all the badges are fitted, liners are lined and the engine is turned for the first time, the car goes through a stringent checking and quality control process. This includes inspection under high intensity light, water tight testing as well as a run on the dyno.

6.    We came away decently impressed with the scale and precision of the way Maruti Suzuki has been putting together the new Dzire. Our gut instinct tells us that this new Maruti Suzuki Dzire will just step in where the old car left off and continue the successful run that the outgoing model has had for so many years.      


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