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Chennai auto dealers charging hefty amounts for servicing

Chennai auto dealers charging hefty amounts for servicing
Rachit Hirani Rachit Hirani Tuesday 29 December 2015, 12:34 PM

After the streets of Chennai were flooded, everyone is heading to service their vehicles. At the moment, a lot of automotive dealers are charging a hefty sum of Rs 11,000 even for parking, towing charges cost Rs 7,500 and repair estimate charge is about Rs 4,500. Some of the dealers are pushing car owners to buy a new vehicle as a lot of them are complaining about issues with their cars that had drowned in water.

Several car owners complained that dealers are cashing in on their issues and the automakers are turning a blind-eye. They are participating in an interactive session on “Flood Impact on Vehicle Owners - Solutions Ahead” organised by I Love Chennai.

Dealerships are charging a parking fee of Rs 11,000 and even Rs 4,000 to just prepare a repair estimate. Towing charges are about Rs 7,500, whereas the insurance company pays only Rs 1,500. The cost of repair is normally two percent of the insurance value if the insurance company decides to settle the claim on total loss basis. There are about 50,000 claims that have been lodged with the insurers after the Chennai flood. The Insurance companies have also increased the number of surveyors to pass the claims much faster and get cars in working condition.


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