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Bugatti EB 110 chassis to spawn SP-110 Edonis

Bugatti EB 110 chassis to spawn SP-110 Edonis
Abhishek Nigam Abhishek Nigam Thursday 25 January 2018, 17:50 PM

The Bugatti EB 110 was a ground breaking car in its time, however with Bugatti succumbing to bankruptcy right after, there were quite a few unassembled EB 110's lying around. A company by the name of Casil Motors picked up on the passion project some 20 years after plans for the original SP-110 Edonis fell through. They purchased 17 of the EB 110's carbon fiber chassis and planned to transform each into the SP-110 Edonis Fenice, but the project was never completed.

And now recently Casil has injected new life into the project with not only a fresh design, but a revised powertrain, too. Instead of the Bugatti's original V-12, Casil massaged displacement from 3.5 to 3.8 liters and installed two turbochargers to replace the original quad-four setup. Power is up to 720bhp over the original 550bhp rating, and a 6-speed manual has also been chosen to handle shifting duties. Performance as a result is staggering. 100kmph is demolished in 3.4 seconds and the Edonis will GO on to hit a top speed of near 400kmph. Roots of a mad supercar, mad design followed by even mental performance, the Edonis Fenice has all the right ingredients to make it a proper desirable supercar.


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