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Larry Page Car Collection...

15 July 2016, 01:02 PM

Larry Page – one of the most crucial figures in this digital, internet connected world of today. One’d perhaps recognize him as the Google co-founder. Yes that’s right, the same brilliant mathematician who teamed up with his friend, Sergey Brin to start up what would eventually become one of the most influential digital brands in the history of mankind.

Raised in Michigan, Larry eventually went on to pursue his graduation at Stanford, before famously dropping out of college. Being the co-founder of the biggest internet search companies in the world, means that money isn’t a problem at all. Larry however, is known to be a multi-billionaire with a difference. But this financial biggie likes to do things his way & the Larry Page car collection is one such place to understand this about him.

While most celebrity cars tend to fall into the category of being exotic machines, not quite available to the common public, Larry does things different. Instead of the typical sports-cars and luxury limousines or enormous SUV’s, his garage is futuristic, with alternative power-plants providing the propulsion of choice.

His daily ride is the Toyota Prius, just like his colleague & partner – Sergey. The Prius is the world’s first, mainstream hybrid vehicle that’s been sold to the masses. It was first introduced to the world back in 2000, which means that the vehicle has been on sale for over 16 years now! While there’s no denying the fact that the car offered a glimpse into the commuting future, it also did leave a lot of scope for a dose of excitement to be injected into the ownership experience. The Tesla Roadster on the other hand, has this in spades. Which is perhaps why, Larry Page did take such a shine to it.

Tesla is known for manufacturing some of the most battery powered all-electric sports cars available in the world today. But perhaps not many are aware that Larry Page himself invested in the company when it was looking to finding its roots. The Tesla Roadster has benefitted wholly from the firms journey as an electric car manufacturer, with battery range stretching to a commendable 300+ kilometres. Quite a remarkable feat actually, considering the performance on offer from this car, with the ton coming up in less than 4-seconds! Not surprisingly, Google too has bet huge on the possibilities of alternate fuels. The company is in-fact, locked in an intense battle to come out with the world’s first autonomous driving car – and we have its co-founder Larry Page to thank for that.

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