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10 Luxury SUVS To ...

October 26, 2016 14:43

When it comes to the world of luxury SUVs in India, the market here is just about starting to bloom. Here’s a closer look at what’s on offer:  

1. BMW X6: Part coupe, part luxury SUV, it is this category bending ability coupled with the legendary BMW M-Sport visual & performance aids that go on to place the BMW X6M at the top of the 10 luxury SUV cars list in India today.


2. BMW X5: If the X6M is a little too aggressive for your needs & you still need the ultimate driving experience in a full-size SUV, then the X5M should be the one for you. It is easily one of the better luxury SUVs in India currently.


3. Mercedes GLS: Love the S-Class but want to take along the entire family & the dog on those weekend trips? Then the Mercedes GLS is the one for you. Tagged as one of the most capable of luxury SUVs in 2016, the GLS-class is one rugged, yet unbelievably luxurious SUV that you can possibly buy today.


4. Audi Q7: The full-size luxury SUV to have in the past decade or so, Audi have recently introduced the facelifted edition. The soft styling cues have been shown the door & have been replaced with some sharp, snazzy looking lines instead. The darling of the film industry, just got a whole lot more desirable.



5. Volvo XC90: Taking the fight to the Germans & holding its ground is the styling & technological tour-de-force, the Volvo XC90. Right from those Thor’s hammer-head lamps up front to the wrap around units at the rear, every element of the XC90 is befitting the image of a Scandinavian flagship, full-size SUV.


6. Porsche Cayenne: Touted as the sports car for the entire family & their weekend luggage, the Porsche Cayenne has gone on to become the most successful model in the company’s present day line-up.


7. Range Rover: The pinnacle of British automotive design, the Range Rover is the go-anywhere machine, should you wish to do so in a cocoon of luxury.


8. Range Rover Evoque: The compact sized Range Rover that’s sparked off a styling cult following, the Evoque is every bit deserving of the most desirable ’luxury SUV’s in 2016’ tag.


9. Jaguar F-Pace: The performance oriented SUV, with the DNA of a sports car, the Jaguar F-Pace may be late to the luxury SUV party, but it sure has made a splash!


10. Toyota Land Cruiser: The Land Cruiser or LC as it is popularly called, needs no introduction. The gold-standard when it comes to luxury SUV’s around the globe, it is among the top 10 cars to buy here too.



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