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Useful Car Hacks That Every Driver Needs To Know...

03 April 2016, 10:05 AM

With more and more people warming up to using cars in India, it has become extremely crucial in knowing just how to pass one’s time when motoring from one location to another. Poor road sense, traffic congestion and their ilk are a regular occurring that lead to flare ups which further underline the need to keep calm and carry on driving.

The list of car hacks below is meant to be a light-hearted attempt at easing some of the above mentioned hardships. While most of them are meant to be useful, some of them can (& should) be taken with a pinch of salt or two.

  • One of the top things to have handy when using cars in India is a bottle of water & some dry snacks. These could be handful of fruits, such as bananas or a pack of glucose biscuits even. Not only would these come to the rescue when caught in traffic, but they could also help bring a smile to the hungry & homeless on the street.
  • If you’re regularly ferrying passengers, and kids in particular, keep a few of their favourite toys/games handy. It’ll soothe them when the going gets slower and they’ve got to stay in the car for longer.
  • Headlights tend to go dull with time, thanks to the grime off the street. While replacements usually turn out to be expensive, you could also turn to good old Colgate which is one of the popular car hacks, to restore some of their brightness.
  • While nothing beats a quality detailing job, they do cause a lot of money. Clear nail-paint is a great way to mask over those tiny scratches, till such time as you shore up the funds.
  • Substituting air freshener with scented candles or pot-pourri is a great option for cars in India, as this minimizes the chances of the freshener liquid spilling & scarring the dashboard.
  • It is easy to lose the car in the parking lot on those weekend mall runs. We’ve all done it. The best car hacks for this range from clicking a snap of where you’ve parked or using the remote access key to fire up the hazard lights for you.
  • Rolling the windows down after having parked for a while, before switching on the air-conditioning is a great way to improve its efficiency, cut down on the cooling time & save some money through better mileage in the process.
  • Watch the locals when traveling cross-country. They’re the best guides on the speediest way to navigate the streets.

Never hesitate to experiment when it comes to car hacks. If it works document it, if not, then have a good laugh & keep working till it does!

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