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Car Accessories For Hyundai Eon...

02 April 2016, 10:05 AM

The entry-hatch segment in India has always been a volumes generator. It is the stuff that sales records (and huge profits) are made of. However, the market leader had achieved a near total hold over it, by virtue of remaining unchallenged for decades. Then came the Hyundai Eon, a challenger that at long last, had what it takes to upset the status quo.

With its advanced styling and better feature set, the Hyundai Eon was also backed by the service backup assurance of its manufacturer. Slowly but surely, the new comer began to make inroads into the segment. The market leader was, for the first time, forced to sit up & take notice of this upstart who’d made a dent in its sales numbers.

In the half a decade that has passed, the car has gone on to garner a strong and loyal fan base. Backed by the rising number of units sold, a huge market has come up for Hyundai Eon car accessories. With every accessory under the sun that one could think of, here’s a basic list that should get you started.

  • An under-body corrosion treatment is a great gift you can get for your Hyundai Eon. Make sure that it is offered through one of the well-established players in the market and is applied by trained hands.

  • A spoiler with the LED stop-light mounted high up, amidships not only adds some much needed visual flair at the back, but it also helps improve visibility for cars following up behind.

  • Similarly, one can get a headlight bulb upgrade while keeping the headlamp units the same, to light up the road like daylight after the sun goes down.

  • Hyundai’s OEM diamond-cut alloys look rather snazzy and if you agree on the same, then they’d make a worthy accessory to purchase for your car.

  • Given the urban environment and its many pressures of close quartered driving, getting a pair of bumper protectors makes a lot of sense for those that wish to enjoy the factory paint on them for a long time to come.

  • An upgrade to a dual-horn setup, should improve the chances of traffic making way for owners while on the road. Just ensure that it is well-within the prescribed sound norms, to help stay out of trouble.

  • Also, getting some security related upgrades too should be on the cards for every Eon owner. Typical items include a nifty gear-lock that sits across the shifter and a pressure based remote locking system.

There’s plenty more out there, ranging from the tastefully done to the wild-and-wacky stuff, but the one’s mentioned above should get you on the road, comfortably. Happy Motoring!

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