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The 10 Best Cars For Tall People...

07 January 2015, 05:11 PM

Tall people have always this insecurity of not being able to drive amazing cars. Most people thing that if they are too tall they will not be able to drive the best SUV. However, contrary to this opinion, there are a handful of cars, which are specially designed for the tall people. Lanky people can be assured that these cars with the additional legroom, which is absolutely required for tall people. Here is a list of top ten cars for tall people.

Mini Cooper: Though the name might give a feeling of just the opposite, the Mini Cooper is ideally suited for the tall. With an additional legroom and headroom, this car is known to have been ideal for drivers who have a height of as much as 6’9”. Even the space between the door and steering wheel is exceptionally more to fit in those large knees.

Ford F-150: F-150 is not about additional head and legroom only. This car from Ford is particularly known for its high entry and exit, which is why it is a preferred choice for the tall drivers. Wide doors, a large wind shield are some of the other characteristics of this car, which makes it great for the lanky people. View more ford cars.

Youabian Puma: Well, you might not have come across this model so often; however, this might be your pick if you are too tall for normal cars. The car is so spacious that it could fit in most of those lanky legs at ease.

Pontiac Fiero: When did you last expect that Fiero could make an entry into the list of capacious cars? Even at 6’3”, people can drive it for long hours without the feeling of getting cramped. The best part is that you would not be able to understand how spacious it is unless you step into the car.

Ferrari 456: Luxury cars and capacious interiors do not often go hand in hand. However, Ferrari has done the unthinkable with the 456 model. This car is a feast for the eyes and fits in most of the lanky people. Incidentally, this car is a favourite of Shaquille O'Neal, who stands tall at 2.16 metres. View more ferrari cars.

Volkswagen Beetle: Who could have thought that this cute model will feature in the list of most spacious cars? Indeed, this car is a great choice for those who do not fit in easily in most cars. The roof is high enough with a large legroom so that you do not feel uncomfortable even during long drives. View more volkswagen cars.

Dodge Charger: This is the best sedan that you might get for the tall and lanky. Even at 6’9”, this car is ideal and leaves a lot of space, which makes it a must-add to the list of top ten cars for tall people.

Mercedes S-Class Coupe: Luxury and capacious interiors are the prime factors, which have popularised the Mercedes S-Class Coupe. If you have the build of a NBA player, this car is definitely meant for you. Also, Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe is one of the best sedan available in the auto market. View more mercedes cars.

Mazda 3: Well, this car is definitely meant for the tall and lanky people out there. Whether it is about the legroom or the additional head space; this car scores high for a hatch. Mazda 3 is meant for the tall people and combined with a superior performance; this is an ideal choice for tall people.

Porsche 944: Whether you are 6’4” or 6’6”, this car gives you the optimum leg space, even for those long drives. Even by its exterior appearance, the car is exceptionally long. Get into your desired driving position for long hours in this Porsche 944 and you will not be disappointed. View more porsche cars.


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