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Best Green Cars With Low Emission...

17 March 2018, 02:56 PM

While we are advancing and become a pro in terms of technology and advancements, at the same time, such advancements, especially in the genre of motor vehicles are casting its ill-effects on the gradually receding ecology. Thus, to keep equilibrium between both, the use of green cars in India is becoming popular. The CNG cars or Compressed Natural Gas cars are the most preferred option as they lessen the pollution level, require minimum fuel consumption and can be easily maintained. Here are the names of a few cars that fit the bill perfectly:

Toyota Prius: A hybrid car, Toyota Prius is a car for the common people. It provides a mileage of gas capacity of 50 mpg on total, the break up being 48 mpg on the express ways and 51 mpg on the urban roadways. In the market and reigning since the year 1997, the Toyota Prius is among one of the first specimens of the low emission cars. It has a motor run through electric and thus emits no poisonous gases that can lead to greenhouse effect.


Maruti Suzuki Eco Charge: This model came in the market in the year 2010, when the company decided to turn eco-friendly. Extremely cheap, these electric cars are both big and wide in inner and outer dimensions. A family car, the Maruti Suzuki Eco Charge is a seven seater. To charge the battery, it requires a time span of seven hours and can run for miles. The highest speed that can be achieved by this car is 100 km/hr.


Mahindra Reva: Suave and stylish, this car is an owner’s pride. With two hatchback doors, this electric four-wheeler has been designed keeping the Indian roadways and the demands of an Indian car buyer in mind. Spacious inside, it has a deep leg space and can cover a distance of 200 km at 130 km/hr, if the battery is charged fully.


Tata Nano CNG Emax: The Tata Nano CNG Emax is one of the recent models in the market. A family car, it requires a little basic maintenance and is competent to provide service on both rural and urban roads. These CNG cars are said to be emitting only a negligible amount of 75.6 gm of carbon dioxide per kilometre.


Last but not the least, the Chevrolet models Beat and Aveo are among the best green cars in India. These cars have proved to be less polluting to the environment.

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