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10 Most Interesting Facts About The Tata Nano...

03 September 2015, 04:05 PM

“Tata Nano” – the cheapest car in the world - is no more cheap both in terms of price as well as features. The new model of the small car comes with a lot of appeal and upgrades. However, when this small car debuted in Indian automotive market, the company did a few things or rather didn’t do a few things to keep costs under control. In this write-up we well take you to a small tour through top 10 interesting facts about the Tata Nano to help you understand the story of this a car whose biggest USP turned into its biggest weakness and brought the complete project on the brink of failure.

  1. One of the biggest unknown facts about Tata Nano is that the car has only three bolts in its wheels. Usual small cars have 4 bolts, but to keep the costing under control, the maker only bestowed 3 bolts to each wheel.

  2. Another interesting fact about the pre-facelift Tata Nano had a fixed boot. Reason – costing, incorporating a movable boot means spending money on lock and open-close mechanism. The Indian carmaker adopted the smartest route, the boot was fixed right to the car. Though the new model now has an openable hatch.

  3. The Nano is the only car in India that comes with a single wiper. The car is blessed with one wiper that swipes its complete screen.

  4. Initially when the car was launched, even its top end model was kept devoid of a power steering. The latest version, though, is much evolved and comes with an electronically controlled power steering.

  5. The initial standard variant of this small car was devoid of any kind of convenience features like music system, air conditioner, and power windows.

  6. In the year 2009, the Guinness Book Of World Records gave Tata Nano the title of world’s cheapest car.

  7. One of the most interesting unknown facts about the Tata Nano is that despite being smaller than the Maruti 800, the car has much more space to offer in terms of legroom, shoulder room, elbow room, as well as head room.

  8. The Tata’s small car is fueled by lifting up the bonnet. The car’s costing was compensated by saving the cost of providing locks and lids.

  9. The spare wheel for this car too sits under the bonnet.

  10. Despite being so small, the Tata Nano has a whooping ground clearance of 180mm which is more than offered in some pseudo SUVs and hatchbacks of India. It also makes it a perfect option for all kind of Indian roads. 

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