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Electric Cars Price Guide...

13 May 2015, 01:00 PM

Though plug-in cars are not yet a part of mainstream commutation vehicles, the day is not far when they will lead the roads for their efficiency, eco-friendly technology, and affordability. We have assorted a few reliable options to help you picture yourself driving a green car and how friendly it would be your pockets and surroundings.

Renault Twizy One of the first names included in all electric car price guides, the Twizy instantly piques one’s interest for its cute looks and practicality. A two-seater, it will be a sigh of relief for all those singles who dread the struggles of public transports and over-priced cab services every day. As per stats, the Twizy is the 10th best selling green car in Europe and 15th best around the globe. View more Renault Cars.

Combined Fuel Economy 210MPGe; Nature – 100% electric; Range – 50 miles i.e. 80kms; Price -€6,895 (Approx. ₹4.94 lakhs)

Mitsubishi i You will find its name in every electric car price guide for its affordability and functionality. A simple design but makes huge impact for its above mentioned features. View more Mitsubishi Cars.

Combined Fuel Economy – 107MPGe; Nature – 100% electric; Range – 62 miles i.e. 100kms; Price - $22, 995 (Approx. ₹14.7 lakhs)

Renault Zoe A good looking green car that is affordable to everyone. It can easily accommodate 5 adults at once and take you to a distance of 200kms in one go. Right now, it is available only in Europe but still ranks 6th in terms of trade figures across the globe.

Combined Fuel Economy – 160 MPGe; Nature – 100% electric; Range – 130 miles i.e. 210kms; Price - € 20, 900 (Approx. ₹ 15 lakhs)

Chevy Spark EV A 4-seater, low cost green car that has earned positive remarks from all sides. It is one of the first cars to employ SAE Combo Fast Charging system. Right now its availability is limited to a few markets, but it is expected to foray new markets in next few years. View more Chevrolet Cars.

Combined Fuel Economy – 119MPGe; Nature – 100% Electric; Range – 82 Miles i.e. 132kms; Price - $27, 495 (Approx. ₹ 17.6 lakhs)

Nissan Leaf A 5-seater, it is one of the most competent plug-in cars in electric cars segment. it takes the crown in terms of trade figures and has been unbeatable in terms of efficiency, pricing, drivability and handling. So save your money for this one, unless your pockets are full to dump on over-priced luxury EVs like BMW i3, Tesla Model S, and others. View more Nissan Cars.

Combined Fuel Economy – 114MPGe; Nature – 100% Electric; Range – 84 miles i.e. 135kms; Price - $29, 010 (Approx.₹18.6 lakhs)

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