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Best Tips To Clean A Car Like Pro...

13 May 2015, 02:30 PM

Carwash isn’t limited to hosing off dirt with soaps solutions are water. There is much more you can do to make your baby shine like a star. Following bunch of tips on how to clean a car includes some special recommendations from professionals who have dealing in this field for decades. Have a look:

  • Always Begin With Compressed Air – First things first, switch on your compressor (blower) and scrap off all the dirt from every nook and cranny of your car floor and mid-section of your carpet. Moving further, use stiff brushes to clean upholstery and carpets, for leather upholstery it is recommended to use conditioner with aloe vera. An interesting thing that is suggested by very less car wash guides.

  • Proper Cleansing Of AC & Heater Ducts – Unless you are dealing with a used car, it is better to learn proper ways to maintain the new-car smell. The best way to do this is by cleaning air-conditioning & heating system’s duct work. All you need to do is target the compressed air at ducts present behind vent grilles and remove dirt and dust accumulated there. Presence of dust leads to musty smell which destroys the new-car fragrance. 

  • Taking Care of Troublesome Tires – Best car cleaners are known for using acidic solutions to clean scrape residues and puff brake dust from tires. But you may take care of all these elements using non-acid products as well. Acid based solutions lead to oxidization of alloy wheels and damage their paint and color coatings badly. It is best to use degreasers and avoid detergents for this purpose. Never forget the order; tires should always be cleaned right before you move on to wash rest of the car body.

  • Significance of Hand Wash- Every car wash guide and best car cleaning companies recommend hand wash. Hand wash gives you a chance to observe and experience your vehicle closely and measure its dimensions by your hands. It is also one of the most creative ways of getting familiar with your car.

  • Giving Finishing Touch With Paint Cleaning – After you have washed and cleaned, run your hands over the vehicle and note the points that still feel rough. Sometimes, it takes more than one wash to get rid of bird droppings and other accumulated pollutants. The best way is to apply wax based cleaners as these remove contaminants without taking off the top layer of paint with them.

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