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Comprehensive Vehicle Tracking...

27 April 2015, 12:05 PM

The vehicle tracking system uses a combination of various technologies to keep real-time data on the position of a car. The technology has helped recover several stolen vehicles and track them. GPS tracking is among the most popular vehicle tracking systems, but the same can be done with the help of cellular or radio transmitters too.

There are two types of vehicle tracking systems/devices for new cars, which are used for performing comprehensive vehicle tracking.

Passive – In this system, GPS works as a tracking device and collects the position of a vehicle over time. When the tracker is removed, the collected data is transferred to a computer and analyzed. These online car tracking devices are normally used for fleet management, but they can also be used for other applications.

Active - These are more complex tracking systems that have the ability to send the location of a vehicle in real time. For fleet management, the data is monitored from a central location. This type of system is typically used for stolen vehicle recovery.

There are several aftermarket options available such as LoJack, Mobile IQ, Smart Tracker, VectorTrak and Zoombak.

Since GPS is the most common used device in most new cars for comprehensive vehicle tracking, we list down the advantages and disadvantages of using these in cars.

Advantages of GPS

  • Easy to use - it gives you the direction for each turns one takes to reach destination.
  • Works in all weather conditions - One need not to worry of the climate as it works in all weather conditions.
  • Low cost- GPS vehicle tracking device costs less compared to other systems.
  • Easy Integration – A GPS tracking devices or system can be installed easily without any expert’s advice.

Disadvantages of GPS

  • GPS may fail to answer queries in some circumstances.
  • Using GPS on a battery operated device - In this case, the battery could fail and one would need external power supply
  • Few times the GPS signals are not accurate due to some obstacles to the signals

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