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Top 10 Electric Cars...

27 April 2015, 03:25 PM

Electric cars were once seen as an impractical and impossible alternative to petrol or diesel fuel, but today's electric vehicles offer a workable option for the eco-friendly car buyers. The batteries have got lighter, smaller and cheaper than previous models, and the driving range has been increased. Though we don’t have so many electric cars in India but the government has recently announced incentives on electric or plug in cars. This move might lure carmakers to invest more in electric and hybrid cars in India.

Here’s a list of the top electric cars that you can buy in international markets

Tesla Model S 85 kWh - The Tesla Model S’ range varies variant-wise. The 85kWh model offers an excellent range of 265 miles. This model is expensive, but its cost per mile and great comfort justify its price tag.

RAV4 EV - The RAV4 EV offers an electric range of 103 miles. It is the most efficient electric car in the United States with an EPA-estimated 76 MPGe.

Fiat 500e - The mini EV offers excellent styling and delivers considerable range and efficiency. It can travel up to 87 miles on full charge.

Mercedes B-Class Electric Drive - Mercedes-Benz introduced the B-Class all-electric vehicle to rival against the BMW i3. This electric car can run up to 85 miles on full charge. This B-Class model uses Tesla-derived drivetrain to wagon it around.

Nissan Leaf - It is among the top-selling pure electric cars available in the market. The car comes with 84 miles of electric range and offers a significant efficiency rating of 114 MPGe.

Volkswagen e-Golf - This car can run up to 83 miles on full charge. It is undoubtedly one of the most efficient EV available with 116 MPGe.

Chevrolet Spark EV - With 82 miles of electric range, the Chevy Spark EV returns an excellent efficiency of 119 MPGe in the United States.

BMW i3 - BMW introduced the i-brand specifically for its hybrid and electric cars. The i3 pure electric car is one of the most appealing and efficient cars in its league. It can run up to 81 miles on full charge.

Ford Focus Electric - It is affordable, yet efficient electric vehicle with estimated range of 76 miles.

Smart ForTwo Coupe - It is the smallest and most affordable option for electric car buyers. It is currently the only electric vehicle available with a convertible option. It delivers up to 68 miles combined on a full charge.

Hope our list of top electric cars may help you choose the right one for you.

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