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Top 3 Must-Have Accessories For Your New Car...

21 October 2015, 06:30 PM

For all those who have just purchased a new car, it may seem a little incomplete. Every car whether a lower end model or a top end model needs to be accessorized to make the driver feel at home in the car. While there are some accessories that are mere add-ons, there are a few others that are mandatory. Here are some useful accessories for new car that might help you make your own list of necessary entities for your new car:

  1. Car Cover: One of the first must have car accessories. It insulates your car against dust, bird droppings, grime, sunlight, and every other harshness that can harm your vehicle. Having a car cover will also help in retaining the longevity of your car paint. You can avail it from any car accessory store in a range of Rs.500-1000.

  2. Security System: While there are some car makers who instill the mid and high end versions of their car models that instill their vehicles with anti-theft vehicles, however, there are some others who offer it as an optional feature and then there are those that never include any such feature in any of their offering. Given the present day conditions, it is a must have car accessory for your new car. You may go for any of the reputed brands like Xenos, Autocop, as well as Nippon.

  3. Parking Sensors: Parking sensors help in keeping your vehicle from rubbing here and there as you park it in available corners. It is rapidly becoming a part of standard offerings with top and mid end models of several regular cars; it is yet to become a common feature in all cars. If your car maker hasn’t provided this one in your car, you can always get it installed in your car. There are some parking sensors that come with voice guided warning system. Parking Sensors cost somewhere between Rs.2500-6000 in Indian market.


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