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Eco-Friendly Driving Tips...

22 October 2015, 11:30 AM

Gone are the days when technology compelled us to pollute the environment and disturb our habitat. The present day tech world is much busy in finding eco-friendly ways to compensate for the damage made and enhance less damaging automobile technologies. But apart from the manufacturers, as subjects and operators of these techniques, we too have some responsibilities following which we can help in making our world a better and cleaner place. Here are a few eco-friendly driving tips that will help you in greener manner:

  1. Always stick with your speed limit, excessive speed always leads to more burning of fuel hence more emissions. Also, try to refrain from frequent acceleration and braking, it reduces fuel efficiency and exerts extra pressure on engine.

  2. One of the most commonly suggested environmentally friendly driving tip is to drive with least luggage and load in your car. Whether you are going for a camping trip or mountain climbing, carry only those things that are of utmost importance. India is a developed country now and most things of tourist’s needs are available almost everywhere.

  3. Unless the temperatures and humidity levels are crossing your toleration limits, try to keep the air conditioning off and try to survive with natural air.

  4. Get your car serviced regularly without a miss. Well-maintained parts last longer and ensure better fuel as well as engine efficiency.

  5. For shorter distance try to take out your walking shoes and walk a little in place of striding in your car. Follow this eco-friendly existence rule often; it will be beneficial for you, your car, as well as your surroundings. Also, it is the rarest eco-friendly driving tip that anyone will give you.

  6. In place of regularly fuelled car, try to travel in CNG cars or CNG based transport mediums. If you succeed in bringing it in practice, you will easily inspire others and take a step ahead towards a greener tomorrow.

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