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Oddest Car Accesso...

January 02, 2015 12:28

When it comes to accessorising your car, there are no bars or regulations to follow. Most commonly, you can fit almost anything to make your car a more comfortable space. After all, you are going to drive it more than anyone else and if you think a particular accessory is perfect for you, definitely it should put it on. There are a plethora of car accessories in India, which can be purchased online or from a retail outlet. You can get a list of car accessories online to understand what you actually need for your car.

Band-Aid magnet is considered one of the weirdest car accessories that you will ever come across. As might be understood from its name, it is basically an affordable option, which goes over dents, scratches or dings on the body of your car. Well, some might call his accessory a bit tacky, undoubtedly, there is a bit of coolness about this Band-Aid magnet. If you are looking to go low on cash for hiding those little blemishes, this might as well be your best option.

Car lashes are another of the strangest possible car accessories that you might find. Found in any common list of car accessories online, these are actually lashes, which are planted on top of the headlights. Undoubtedly, you can purchase a set of car lashes from portals, which sell car accessories in India. These lashes look particularly cool on chic models, which have a certain feminine aura.

Why should ladies have all the fun? This seems to be the motto of carstache accessories. A latest entrant in the list of weirdest accessories, this is essentially a grotesque moustache-like accessory, which can transform your suave car into a British gentleman. Get hold of this accessory and be sure to turn heads while you are driving your mean machine down the lane.

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