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Green Micro Cars To Be Launched In India...

01 January 2015, 12:05 PM

Fuel prices in the country have been increasing for a long time now and this has led both consumers and producers to contemplate the usage of an alternative that is more efficient. This is one reason why green cars in India are being considered as the future of the automobile industry. Eco friendly cars in India do not have a high demand level at present but in coming years the scenario is heading for a change. While there are several fuel efficient cars in India, they are not necessarily eco-friendly. Now, according to reports, many firms are planning to launch micro cars in India with an electric motor.

Let’s understand why micro cars in India are being considered as the future by many experts. The primary characteristic of a micro car is that it can seat only two people and features an engine that could have a capacity range of 49-500 cc. A micro car has cable operated brakes and 6-8 inch road wheels along with basic suspensions. Micro cars, more often than not, are bereft of reverse gears. Green cars in India that can fall in this category include Badal, Badal 4 and G Wiz.

Fuel efficient cars in India have high demand and micro cars could be hit in the subcontinent. The biggest advantage enjoyed by owners of these cars is the low maintenance cost. People living in cities, especially those in crowded areas, have an easy time parking the cars due to their small size. Funny as it may sound, some micro cars are so light that they can be carried by a couple of passengers.

According to experts, India could be the biggest market for some of these manufacturers due to the growth of the economy. There are plenty of people who want to buy a car but track back due to high costs. Micro cars in India might not be able to match sales of regular passenger vehicles but are sure to create a niche for themselves. In addition, these green cars in India will compel rival manufacturers to launch more environment friendly models.

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