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4 Exciting Reasons To Have A Road Trip Video Recor...

18 May 2015, 03:56 PM

How many of us wish to let others know the weird and stupid things we see on roads every day? Given the fact that a considerable amount of our time is spent on roads and in cars every day, it makes perfect sense to keep a visual record of all. And what better than a road trip video recorder for this purpose. It is one of the most remarkable road trip car accessories that deserve to get a place in your online car accessories shopping list. Remember that guy you saw taking an illegal U-turn, or those beautiful line of ducks that was passing through the road as you started on road, or that cute kid who passed a smile at you while you drove past him. There are plenty of reasons that can be given for having a road trip video recorder in your car. A few most important ones are listed below:

  1. Driving Accidents – Getting involved in a car accident is the worst nightmare for any driver. There are times when parties involved in scene try to frame fake charges or make fictional stories to put all blame on you.  The best way to avoid all such nonsense and legal headaches to have footage of accident in your camera. There, we gave you the most solid reason to install a road trip camera recorder in your car.

  2.  Parking Accidents – Parking garages are included among the most risky places for drivers. You may not realize when the car standing adjacent to you scratched your car while pulling off. Worst case scenario, your vehicle gets vandalized. It is best to leave your camera recorder on when you leave your car unattended. Dashcams are one of the most south-after road trip car accessories for this purpose.

  3. Insurance Fraud – Nothing compares the terror of encountering an accident with a pedestrian. It is hard to believe that there are people who are happily get themselves hit on roads for insurance settlements. Who cares for a small fracture or broken neck if the insurance company pays lakhs of rupees as compensation? Trust us, your road trip video camera recorder will not only save your life but will also keep those companies from being screwed.

  4. Documenting Your Trip – No trip is better than a road trip when you want to go on a adventurous vacation. It is full of weird and exciting events, the unpredictable things that you had never planned happen to you. And the best way to keep record of each moment is to keep it safe in a reel tape.

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