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Safe And Sound Car Driving Tips ...

18 May 2015, 02:35 PM

Thinking of hitting roads for this vacation? Whether you are planning to head to nearby pilgrimage, grandparent’s house, hill stations, beaches, or holiday homes, it is recommended to learn a few tested and tried safe driving tips while you start for roads. Read on the following bunch of safety tips that will help you saving a great deal of money, time, and energy on the roads.

  1. For long drives, ensure that you get enough sleep and food before you start; highly caffeinated drinks might not always be the best help in this business. These drinks may keep you active in the beginning but dizziness is bound to take over as their effects recede.

  2. The best safety tip for all kind of routes is to take small breaks in every few hours. If you are traveling with family, stop time to time for snacks, stretching legs, or grabbing some fresh air. Try to keep at least one companion with good driving skills who can share your driving responsibility.

  3. One of the most commonly recommended car driving tip, whenever you pull over, make sure you are off the lane and never in path of other vehicles. Never ever park your vehicle in breakdown lane except for an emergency.

  4. Never ever take alcohol while you are on the road or about to go on the road. It is illegal to drink and drive across all cultures and countries. Even if you are taking a drink or two, make sure your companion is absolutely dry and let him/her handle the wheel for sometime as you hit the roads again.

  5. Whether you are driving a new car or an old one, always keep a spare tire, first aid kit, and tool kit with you. You never know where you might need them.

  6. Carry a road atlas or detailed map with you. Even if you are carrying a GPS with you, it is not necessary that they will always work in all kind of terrains. A backup plan should always be there for every situation.

  7. Always stay updated in terms of weather especially when your journey exceeds 6 hours. Know the routes that may help in case bad weather obstructs your planned path. 

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