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All You Need To Know About Car Oil Additives...

28 August 2015, 11:03 AM

Car additives are those products that bring improvement in engine performance by enhancing its efficiency and quality. You will find petrol additives for cars as well as diesel additives for the same in market. These additives perform a plethora of functions that include emission reduction, cleaning of fuel injectors, knocking reduction, easy ignition in cold temperatures, and saving the fuel tank from rust and corrosion. These are equally important for new as well as used cars.

Car oil additives

Now moving over to which additives are the best additives for cars? The octane boosters are considered as the best in this section as they ensure easy combustion of fuel and enhancing vehicle performance. A regular input of octane boosters in a regular car might not be that beneficial though as they are mainly known for making a difference to performance of hot-performance based cars. Therefore, it is suggested that high performance cars should always be fed with high octane based fuels. In our country, high performance fuel is rarely a sight in any part; therefore, it is suggested to use octane additives in new and used cars.

There are different kinds of car additives available in market that get categorized on the basis of the part of the car they are used for. Hence, you will find engine oil additives, gear oil additives, as well as radiator additives in market. Let’s take up the first category, the engine oil additives are the ones that are employed for boosting the lubricating ability of the engine oil. These also reduce friction and bring drastic improvement in all round performance of energy mills. All the more, these prevent building of any kind of sludge and extend the life of engine oil. These also improve the working of engines in extreme temperatures. But it is to be taken care of that the engines oils are allergic to sulphur based additives which may lead to reduction in fuel economy of the mills and damage its catalytic convertors.

The second category i.e. the gear oil additives are used for bringing down friction between the gears and ease up their shifting. Since, the manual gearboxes have no pump to regulate the movement of oil in them, gear oil should be able to glue to rotating gears. Therefore, gear oil should be added with high pressure additives that permit the gear oil to lubricate the gear surface and prevent bubble formation under extreme pressures. And last but not the least, the radiator car additives are added to improvise the engine and radiator performance. These also help the coolants in regulating car’s temperature and improve heat release in the environment and neutralize acids.

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