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Significance Of Car Navigation Systems ...

26 August 2015, 12:05 PM

Automotive navigation systems constitute those automotive controls that are add-ons from third parties and are used for directing the vehicles to their destinations. Also known as the Global Positioning Systems (GPS), these employ satellite navigation devices to collect position data which is then synced with road maps. GPS in the present world are radio navigation systems that use a network of satellites and collect data fed by their ground stations and recorded by these satellites. Initially, these systems were used by US military; however, later these were offered to civil users in form of Standard Positioning System. The system was offered for free without any charges for regular users.

The car navigation systems are used for tracking down routes and places that are out of driver’s knowledge. The few years back, the navigation systems were considered as an imperative part of cars. They played an important role in keeping passengers from getting lost in muddle of paths and also improved resale value of the vehicles to a greater extent. However, the scenario changed with the advent of smartphones that could do everything eliminating the need of multiple devices.

With this change, the costing of automotive navigation systems has also come down. For instance, the navigation system installed in the 2013 Ford Fusion came with an in-built MyFord Touch infotainment system that included navigation system in it. An additional GPS unit in it would have been an unwanted expense. However, for some drivers it is still a necessary expense because the smartphones tend to lose signals in far off corners. And at this point portable navigation systems can only be relied on. All those going far off distances everyday cannot rely on smartphones for finding their path.

It is true that navigation systems are inexpensive sometimes as compared to smartphones, but at time they can be more useful than the ones instilled in smartphones. They become imperative when you wish to use your smartphones for listening music or making calls. In-car navigation systems are more beneficial as with them you don’t need to constantly check your phone and lose the sight of the road. Also, automotive navigation systems never get discharged or lose signals. So, all those who are into a habit of off-roading or getting to distant places on a regular basis, should opt for in-car GPS than relying on other devices. 

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