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Top 10 Discontinued Cars In India...

03 November 2014, 03:09 PM

They say, “Old is Gold” but with the ever changing and advancing technology, is Old Gold? People tend to buy new stuff every second just to get an advanced outlook of the society so that they can match up with a new generation. In this technology struck era, cars in India are coming up with new technology every second! New cars are being launched outdating the older ones! But still there are going to remain a few cars that are always going to be our favourite! Here is a list of Top 10 Discontinued Cars that we are going to miss badly!

  • Tata Sierra: Tata had its share of fame in the car business. This two-door SUV was one of its kinds in the 90’s. Though it had a less powered 68 bhp engine which wasn’t ever enough to climb up a hill, but in that era, no one actually cared about this problem a it was just the beginning of the period!

  • Standard 2000: This car prevailed the market for just four years, and was a significant issue at that time. It came in 1986 in India and was the first car having seatbelts, central locking, power steering, etc.

  • Peugeot 309: If we compare the aesthetics of the early 90’s cars with the present day vehicles, we surely are going to experience a huge set back. The reason behind it is the dated looks, but the technology was having an initial effect at that time, and the looks didn’t matter much! The ride that this car offered was smooth and worth experiencing.

  • Hindustan Contessa: It was one of the first luxury cars in India, but its production was stopped soon, thus making it to the Top 10 Discontinued Cars. It had a 1.8L petrol engine which was a big deal at that time.

  • Rover Montego: A car by the Sipani Motors, which wasn’t able to make a huge sale, but one thing can be said for sure that Montego was a beautiful car. It had an 80 bhp 2L engine in 1995, which was surely a must go for deal at that time.

  • Ford Ikon: This car was launched in 1999 and can still be seen roaming on the roads of the country.

  • Maruti Zen: The discontinuation of this model sure did call for a significant number of cries among the people as they still wanted to buy this car. A fierce competitor of Maruti 800, this car did enjoy its perks, just like the people enjoyed riding it!

  • Maruti Suzuki Zen Estilo: Despite all the significant efforts put in by Zen in the sale of this car, there weren’t many people buying this car! Estilo offered a great power design but couldn’t just attract the customers due to the wrong time of its launch.

  • Toyota Qualis: I remember when I used to be a kid, whenever I used to see a Toyota Qualis on the road, I was always awestruck with the design. I always used to think that it was one of the best cars in India, and it surely was! The moment it was discontinued, it joined the gang of Top 10 Discontinued Cars in India.

  • Maruti 800: This car had the largest sale in the history of car sale! Having a title of most trusted car, a large number of people still ride this car and its improved model of Maruti 800cc. The reason for its tremendous sale was that it was the first model having an 800cc engine. Maruti 800 has been a massive setback when it was added to the list of Discontinued Cars in India as people still want to buy it.


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