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Used Car Auctions Scam To Avoid...

30 October 2014, 12:56 PM

Though the Indian automobile market has made significant progress in the past few years, the concept of used car auctions is something that has really low awareness levels. In fact, one would usually not hear about a car auction in India despite it being a real thing. There are a few people who do know about them and participate in the same to acquire a vehicle for a low price. However, like every other industry and sector, this field also has its negatives, nemesis and unethical elements, which come in the form of scams. A used cars auction by banks or government institutions is something that gives people an opportunity to buy a vehicle for much less money than normal. Since these are seized vehicles, the possibility of parties misleading potential customers is high and thereby one should avoid used car auction scam. Now, the immediate question would be how to avoid car auction scam in such situations.

Let’s take an example to help a layman understand how to avoid car auction scam. One thing that clearly stands out in used car auctions is the mode of communication established by the selling party to invite buyers. Now, since defaulters are all around the country and cars can be seized anywhere, there is no fixed place or source of information. A car auction in India might happen in the southern region and there are several groups or individuals with malicious intent that mislead buyers. Many buyers would get a call regarding a service informing about used car auctions by banks or customs authorities. The service offered by the group running a used car auction scam would be simple – pay a membership fees and get information regarding all such activities across the country.

Now, initially these agencies might tell you the right car auction in India but as time progresses, they start getting diluted and eventually phase out.  A used car auction scam can actually force you to go to a place where nothing of that sort is being held, thereby wasting both time and money. Since there are plenty of used car auctions by banks and a lot of things happen on the Internet, people can be easily duped into paying for nothing in return. Anyone wondering how to avoid car auction scam should do thorough research before taking a decision or making a payment.

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