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Checkout These Defensive Driving Tips...

31 December 2014, 04:30 PM

Learning how to drive a car in India is not sufficient. Praxis needs theory as a support and the car driving tips are the theories that help to be a pro on road. Here are three important things to remember: India has a left side driving system. That is, the driver’s seat is on the right. So, while getting in or getting out of the car, the driver has to do it by stepping on a busy road. Since India has a parking problem and people park cars on roadsides, being extra cautious and following the traffic lights while getting into or out of the car is important.

Staying alert on road for three reasons – one, pedestrians here barely follow traffic rules and cross roads when the light is green. Two, animals like cows, dogs, buffaloes are often found loitering on roads. Running over them can happen any time; and three, little shacks or people sitting with vegetables, tea or things alike on road sides are common scenes. Being careful while driving on the corners of the roads is required, hence.

Drunk drivers are common here, especially on highways between 6pm to 5am. Hence, rash driving within or outside the city is not advisable. Also, the pitiful condition of roads makes it mandatory for you to learn not only the road signs but also a few defensive driving tips too. One important tip is to wear a seat belt while driving, given the condition of roads and the increasing number of road accidents due to pedestrians who cross roads without following the traffic signals. Secondly, carrying the smart card of the car, a copy of insurance papers, and the driving license is necessary. This is one of the most important car driving tips.

Also, the pollution check report, taxes, etc. must be up to date. Do not slam brakes and always try and keep a minimum gap from the car in the front. Rash driving, playing stunts on road and unnecessarily overtaking other cars bring accidents, remember. Make sure of using the indicators while turning left or right before hand and not at the last minute. Finally, be extra vigilant when driving at night. Put the dippers and headlights on during the entire stretch.

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