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Trickle Down Technology...

27 August 2014, 04:38 PM

There is one thing constant about the global automobile industry and that is evolution, which means that new cars keep getting launched and innovation keeps happening. Automobile technology has drastically progressed over the years and the world has come a long way from those carriers in the 19th century to a Lamborghini Veneno, which could almost go to the moon if a few additions were to be made. Now, with this sort of progress and companies like Ford, Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Volkswagen constantly working on new things, trickle down technology is an existing reality. To say the least, trickle down technology in cars is something that has always happened and will continue till the day the last vehicle is made.

To start with an example, air-conditioning in cars seemed to be a luxury that not many models had due to the high cost and subsequent roof-touching price that the customer had to pay. However, with time, this automobile technology, which was available in selected models, trickled down to lower priced cars and today is a compulsion in all cars. Trickle down technology is a concept that shows and signifies the progress of the global automobile industry, which scales new heights on a daily basis. Automobile technology in new cars put to shame designers of yesteryears despite them being no less genius than the modern day ones. Trickle down technology in cars is not only better for the consumers, it is better for the manufacturers as well, giving them the incentive to keep working towards innovation, year after year.

Firms like Toyota, Honda, Ford and Volkswagen, huge global manufacturers, keep developing more sophisticated automobile technology with each progressing day. Trickle down technology in cars also helps in reducing the cost of production and sometimes renders old innovations obsolete. There are many manufacturers who differentiate deeply in the various segments of cars produced by them, thereby the trickle down technology takes some time to arrive in lower models but eventually it does. New cars produced by manufacturers like Honda and Volkswagen contain features that models launched a couple of years back with a much higher price possessed. This not only helps them to attract customers by way of telling them to upgrade but also makes people pay a little higher for a technology that now has a reduced production cost. Add to that the incentive of going a notch further to produce an even higher degree of technology, this concept is quite ideal for the automobile industry.

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