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Top 10 Hybrid Cars...

24 September 2015, 06:04 PM

The modern day scenario in the international automobile market is that many customers for hybrid cars rather than fuel driven ones due to several reasons. Rising fuel costs, pollution and high cost of living are just some of the factors that influence people to go for cars with hybrid car technology rather than petrol or diesel ones. Let’s take a look at the top 10 hybrid cars that are available in the international market.

  1. Toyota Prius: Perhaps the one of the most famous Toyota hybrid cars there has ever been, Toyota Prius was first introduced as a compact sedan and is now available in the international market as mid-sized hatchback. Three generations of this car have been launched in the market till now and the fourth generation is on the cards. The present model, in India, comes at a price of around INR 36-38 lakh.

  1. Tata Indica Vista Electric:  Tata Motors is far below in the pegging order as far as the Indian passenger car market is concerned and one of its strategies to bounce back is to introduce hybrid models. One such upcoming model with hybrid car technology is the Tata Indica Vista Electric, which will differentiate this from others in the market, create a niche for its manufacturer.

  1. Toyota Camry Hybrid: Another one of Toyota hybrid cars from the company that manufactures, arguably, the best engines in the world. This car operates in both fully electric and petrol modes. It has been present in the market since 2006 and Toyota has sold over 200K units of the Camry Hybrid.

  1. Tata Nano Hybrid:  Launched over half a decade ago, Tata Nano has never lived up to the billing and it has potentially put the manufacturer’s name in a spot of bother due to its poor performance. Despite continuous disappointments, Tata Motors has gone on to make changes and launching a hybrid version is something that could change things for the Nano in India.

  1. Honda Accord Hybrid:  Considering the fact that the hybrid car segment is not meant for the low income groups as such due to lack of awareness, the ploy to launch a hybrid version of Honda Accord is not a bad one. This is one of the Honda hybrid cars that can perform really well, unlike a Hyundai hybrid car.

  1. Mahindra XUV500 Hybrid:  Albeit a highly futuristic prospect at the moment and in a very nascent stage but the hybrid version of Mahindra & Mahindra’s flagship Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) could perform really well in India. The firm already has a presence in this segment and could go on to heavily influence the future of hybrid cars in India.

  1. Honda NSX:  A product with a highly inelastic demand, Honda NSX is a sports car with a hybrid version that could be launched in early 2016. It is not likely to find a high number of buyers in India but would surely be a top class car without a shadow of a doubt and would be the flagship in the group of Honda hybrid cars.

  1. Lexus GS:  This brand is not really that famous in India but the model could make an impact on its market in India. Expected to arrive in the subcontinent in 2016, this car is likely to be bought by only a few people, making its demand inelastic, regardless of market conditions.

  1. Tata Indigo Manza Diesel Hybrid:  Tata Motors is expected to launch the Indigo Manza diesel hybrid car by September 2014. Yet nothing has been confirmed by this Indian manufacturer, rumours have hit the market for this sedan, which is expected to be powered by an electric motor.

  1. BMW i8: Words do not begin to explain the prowess, style, class and superiority this car possesses. A beautifully sculpted car, this model is feature packed and will produce a power level of up to 231 BHP. This car, due to its carbon fibre structure, is lightweight and will have an excellent power to weight ratio. This car is going may make its way to India in December 2014.


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