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OLED Lighting Concept By Audi...

25 September 2014, 01:30 PM

With the exclusive launch of Q3, the German manufacturing giant – Audi – is looking to spread its share in the Indian market. The company has come up with a new automobile technology, which is the Audi OLED Lighting with the assistance and guidance of Varroc Lighting Systems. Previously, it came up with the idea of Matrix Headlamps, which prevent the blinding of oncoming drivers while the headlamps are on high beam. Now, the company is planning to introduce Organic LEDs, which will initially be installed on tail-lamps. This lighting system is believed to produce homogenous lit appearance with ultra-thin profiles.

As we all know, LED stands for Light Emitting Diode and these are very sensitive to temperature. OLED is like any other LED. The only difference is the use of organic compounds in the emissive layer. Because of this layer, the organic compounds settle down in the form of rows and columns making pixels (display) of different colours. Initially, it was used in a number of electronic and digital appliances but with the development in this field of technology, this lighting system is now used in the automobile sector as well. Compared to a regular LED, this lighting system can be developed in producing lights of different colours, which is certainly a great add-on for this technology. The Organic LEDs are transparent at some parts and the idea of Audi OLED is to stack them one over other, which gives a unique impression to the tail-lamp lighting. The idea of the German manufacturer is fluid animation swooping through the entire rear portion will relay all important information to other road drivers.

With the Audi OLED lighting concept coming in the market, one could expect better and enhanced lighting experience in his vehicle. Considering the number of Audi Cars in India, this automobile technology is sure to catch the eye of consumers and will produce fairly positive results to the company. Audi has also given hints of using OLEDs over the entire vehicle body, inside and out, that allows highlighting the door handle. This automobile technology is sure to strike the attention and attraction of motorists. Various Audi Car Dealers in India are also keeping a stock of OLEDs for those consumers, who wish to their regular lighting system get replaced with the new Audi OLED Lighting system. This technology is not only good in reference to looks and style of the vehicle, but is also energy saving. So, getting them installed in place of a conventional lighting system is definitely a great idea.

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