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Myths On Green Cars And Gas Mileage Debunked...

20 April 2015, 03:41 PM

Just buying fuel efficient cars in India should not be the only purpose of consumers. Looking for best mileage cars must not be the only aim of people. Instead they should look for eco friendly cars in India, such as green cars, CNG cars or hybrid electric vehicles. These vehicles are not only good in mileage but will also help in energy and environment conservation.

We all are well-aware of Green Cars, which are regular road motor vehicles that produce less harmful residues to the environment than conventional cars running on internal combustion engines. These cars give certain benefits to consumers, not only in reference to environment but also have benefits in terms of taxes and fuel efficiency. A lot of people have shown great interest in buying CNG cars and other eco friendly cars in India because of these reasons. Indian market has shown some really great growth in terms of availability of such vehicles. Users looking to buy new vehicles have also shown keen interest in green cars, thinking of conserving and preserving the environment. The amount of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide released from these vehicles are far much less as compared to those running on gasoline, petrol or diesel.

A popular type of environment-friendly fuel, which is found commonly used in vehicles, is CNG (Compressed Natural Gas). Gas, in this form is easily available in the market and is quite light on the pocket as well. So, consumers are now making a move to buy CNG cars and contribute their part in saving the environment, while keeping a check on their budget. Such cars can run several kilometres in comparatively less amount of fuel than petrol and diesel cars. A little bit of precaution, attention and good care can make your car accompany you for many years.

Coming back to the advantages of buying a green vehicle are the reduction in fuel and road taxes. The amount of tax from a vehicle is calculated according to the emission it releases into the atmosphere. A fairly good example of this is the CNG Autos running on the streets of India that have low residual emission levels. And because of usage of less fuel, their overall tax is reduced to great standards. Contributing to save the atmosphere and being friendly on the pocket are definitely two of the greatest benefits of owning a Green Vehicle.

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