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13 May 2014, 11:23 AM

The iconic German auto major, BMW has been present in the Indian automotive industry for quite a sufficient time. The luxury car segment of the domestic auto market has been largely dominated by this company, which has an expansive portfolio. BMW cars in India are acknowledged for providing a unique and luxurious driving experience, and they have been extolled on global standards for the same. Generally, all the company's models arrive with fully-packed features and accessories; however, there are certain other attachments available for them in a number of auto boutiques. Among the most renowned BMW car accessories available in the market are:

  • BMW Window Tint Kit: The BMW window tint kit usually arrives in the top-end variants of the company's models but the same can also be purchased through a number of dealerships or car accessory shops. This tint kit includes a manual, which describes the Do It Yourself (DIY) methods to integrate the car with the window tints. Furthermore, the entire package also includes custom designed window tints, which are meticulously fabricated to ensure that they properly get installed on the windows. These tints are beneficial in keeping the car cool at the inside during scorching heat and also help in maximising the effect of AC in summers.

  • BMW Multimedia Console: All the cars of the company are equipped with superior quality infotainment features. However, people willing to opt for one according to their own choice can select from a range of multimedia consoles present in the market. These consoles can be standard audio players or touchscreen entertainment units with large screen displays. Furthermore, these LCDs can also be installed at the rear seats of the car for the comfort and enjoyment of rear seat passengers.

  • BMW UV Sunshade: This accessory is beneficial is preserving the interior quality of the cars. The BMW UV sunshades are foldable and are customised as per the suitability of the prospective buyers. These are made of special synthetic material, which does not let harmful UV and other rays pass through them; thus, providing protection to the occupants. These sunshades can be equipped at the windshield or the side and rear windows of the car as per the convenience of passengers. They also help in managing the interior quality of leather upholstery and dashboard, which tend to become dull after prolonged contact with sun rays.

  • BMW Car Mats: The car mats for BMW cars are exclusively designed from a special moisture absorbing material, which forms an impermeable layer between the metal floor and water content. These are either made of fabric or superior-quality synthetic, which retains all the dampness and dirt from the foot of the occupants during rainy season. They are available in a variety of sizes and shapes and also help in enhancing the interior looks of the car.

  • BMW Body Cover: These body covers are manufactured using superior quality fabric material, which helps in keeping the inside of the car cool when it is parked under the sun. These body covers are water-resistant an also prevent the car from dust and scratches. 


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