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Checking Your Car Tyre Pressure...

13 May 2014, 11:23 AM

There are a number of things to be kept in mind after one has purchased the car so that the efficiency and performance of the vehicle is not compromised in any manner. Right from cleaning the car from inside and outside to taking it for service at the dealerships on regular basis, there are various aspects that should be checked constantly. One such point of consideration is checking the tyres of the car to see if they are working properly or not. Checking the car tyre pressure is among the most significant things to do to ensure that the vehicle is maintained properly. Right tyre pressure means that the car will not be wobbling on city as well as highway roads; thus offering a more comfortable driving experience to the occupants. There are a number of methods through which air pressure in tyres can be checked and rectified and these are as follows:

  • One should always make sure that the tyres are cold, which means that the car has not been driven for more than 1-2 km. After this has been done, then only the air pressure must be checked as this ensures that they have not been expanded by heat and give a more accurate reading.
  • People should check the car's manual to see the exact tyre pressure, which has been advised by the auto manufacturer. Recommended tyre pressure for Hyundai or Honda or Maruti cars generally varies and therefore, correct pressure quantity must be noted down as per the model.
  • One can remove the valve stem cap on the tyres and then insert the digital tyre pressure gauge into it to measure the pressure. Compare the reading with the one given in manual and if they match then there is no need to add any air pressure.
  • It is generally advised in family cars to add a few extra pounds of pressure in the tyres as the car takes a considerable amount of load when fully occupied. There is a myth regarding this that the extra pressure in the car might lead to a more inconvenient and bumpy ride but this only happens when the car is less occupied. If a vehicle is carrying any extra luggage or extra occupants, then addition of pressure may provide better fuel economy too.
  • An important auto care tip is to check the pressure in tyres according to the seasons. Tyre pressure for Maruti or Hyundai cars or any other model is advised to be reduced so that the car has more grip on cold surface. On the other hand, during warm conditions, the tyre pressure should be increased so that there is no hindrance in car's drivability on hot surface.

Inaccurate tyre pressure might lead to poor performance of the car in terms of mileage and driving experience. Such a problem also leads to wearing of tyres very quickly and one has to purchase new tyres on regular basis. Therefore, it is always recommended that extra care for the tyres is always beneficial as it results in an overall longer life of the car.


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