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How To Cool Down A Hot Car In Minutes...

08 March 2016, 03:46 PM

Being a car owner, there are numerous things that you have to take care of, cooling down your car in hot summer days is one such thing. Even if you buy used car, the precautionary manners remains the same as they does when you purchase a new car. Whenever a car is parked in an open space during daytime with doors and windows shut, the first thought that hits the mind is about the hot temperature that you will find inside the car once you get back. With a new car, a buyer is given car guides that can tell you the steps which you can use to rescue yourself in such situation. You should always pay attention to those simple steps that can tell you exactly how to cool down a hot car in minutes. So if you latch onto following simple steps, then you cannot only battle with hot temperature of your car, but also nail down a healthy ride:     

Roll Down The Window:

If your car has been parked in an open space even for a couple of hours, then you should avoid entering into the car directly. As soon as you come to it, roll down front seat window of your car and then go to the other side of the car and open the door. Keep it open for few minutes or else open-and-close it for 3-4 times. If you opt for this way, you can cool a hot car within moments and that too without even touching your AC switch.

When you repeat open-and-close process for quite a few times, then a natural air flow is generated in your car which throws out hot air from inside.  You can refer to car cooling guide for more information.

It's very easy to know how to cool down a hot car in minutes as you just need to be as calm as possible. It is a normal situation which you can handle easily, but what happens when you get to see smoke coming out of your engine in hot summer days? How to get rid of that problem, any idea? Well, below are some of the important points that you can keep in mind in such situation and can cool a hot car in moments:

Be Calm & Don't Panic:

It's okay to experience such situation, but it's not okay to be out of your mind. If you find smoke coming out of your engine, then don't lose control over your mind. Refer to car guides and try to find a solution. It's not smoke, but steam which is generated due to an overheated engine. By and large engine gets overheated when you keep driving continuously without any break, so to avoid such situation go for stop-and-go driving.

Other important steps:  

•    Move your car out of rush or traffic. A parking lot or roadside would be an ideal place to keep it in such situation.

•    Turn off AC of your car instantly to avoid any further problem. Refer to your car cooling guide for more information.

•    You can also switch-on cabin heater to draw heat out of the engine block.

•    Don't try to be a superman in such situation, rather wait for your car to cool down before touching the hood or radiator cap.

•    It won't take more than an hour to cool off, so wait for that time and then check for any fuel leak. If it is taking more time, then start searching for experts' help.

So these are some of the salient points that can keep you out of trouble while driving and help you cool down your car within least possible time. You can implement these techniques even when you buy used car as they work equally for both new and used cars.

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