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Toyota Yaris Hybrid...

29 August 2014, 12:05 PM

Japanese automaker Toyota is one of the best manufacturers in the world if someone wants to by a hybrid car. In fact, it is well know that the world’s most selling hybrid car is the Toyota Prius, which has been in the market for just under a decade. Toyota cars in India include models like Etios, Corolla, Innova and Camry among others and they have performed really well over the past few years. Another car that might make its way to India is the Toyota Yaris Hybrid, a model that is currently on sale in the United Kingdom and has been doing great business due to its various qualities. The biggest USP is the Toyota Yaris Hybrid fuel consumption, which is considerably less due to its combination of electric motor and diesel engine. Sometime back, Toyota also introduced a Yaris Hybrid R concept vehicle that had pretty ambitious specifications.

Toyota cars in India, generally, have a limited sort of a market and it would be really tough for a model like Toyota Yaris Hybrid to be a success. However, the concept of a hybrid car is slowly and steadily rising in India and sooner or later, customers in the country would realise the importance of preserving the environment. In addition, the low Toyota Yaris Hybrid fuel consumption would make this car a hit, especially because it is a compact car. Though a car like Yaris Hybrid R concept would be farfetched, the normal regular model could be a hit if marketed properly. Toyota Yaris Hybrid is available in two variants in the United Kingdom, namely Icon and Excel.

For a hybrid car to succeed, it should have a particular thing that clicks with customers, especially in a country like India, where demands of customers are too specific. Toyota Yaris Hybrid can do well in India but not at present as the market for such models is really nascent or negligible. Though the Toyota Yaris Hybrid fuel consumption might be really low, customers would not want to pay something as high as INR 20 lakh for a compact car. However, whatever the case maybe, this model has a lot of positives, especially when it comes to technology, environment friendliness and performance. All these reasons combined, this model could be a part of the line-up of Toyota cars in India.

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