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Guide On Traffic Penalties...

15 December 2014, 06:05 PM

Traffic Rules have been laid down by the government for the safety of the passengers. Breaking the rules can bring a bad time for driver, passengers and the pedestrians. One needs to understand that these rules are for made their own safety, so following them is going to help them in every possible manner.

Getting caught by the traffic police for the reason of driving a two-wheeler without a helmet, or jumping a red light is pretty common in the Indian subcontinent. Due to the lack of awareness among people regarding the fine that they have to pay on breaking a rule, they end up paying much more than required, along with facing a large number of problems and issues of courts. So, to help create awareness, here is a brief auto guide on traffic penalties, which can help you prevent the traffic fines that you may have to pay if caught.

  • Jumping Red Light: One may get wrecked with the other car coming from the other side on jumping a red light. So it is always safe to obey the rules and wait for the light to go green before running the vehicle.

  • Illegal Parking: Parking in restricted areas can cause a huge amount of traffic jam, leading to a whole lot of problem. So, it would be better if one parks only in the areas where parking is allowed.

  • Driving without Helmet: Helmets provide safety, especially when the person falls from his two-wheeler. In that scenario, helmet can help preventing some serious injury. So, always wear a helmet while driving a bike or scooter.

  • Drunk Driving: Drinking makes one inebriated, and thus, more prone to accidents. So it is recommended that one should not drink and drive for their safety. One may have to pay a large amount of traffic fine if caught, and may also have to lead a few months in prison.

  • Using Mobile Phone while Driving: It has been observed that a large number of road accidents occur due to the person using mobile phone while driving. This needs to be prevented as the human brain can concentrate only on one thing at a time.

This brief auto guide on traffic penalties represent a few traffic violations reported in India. One may pay off the traffic fines and can move on, but disobeying the rules again and again would risk their lives. When everyone gets aware of this fact, then the roads of India will get a lot safer than they are today.

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