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Nano Paint Coating By Nissan...

15 December 2014, 04:30 PM

Nissan has recently introduced the world’s first self-cleaning car. The car eliminates the need for a separate car wash in order to keep it clean. Nissan cars in India have been increasing in number and are ranked among one of the best cars in the world. The company has used the concept of nano paint, which makes the car capable of cleaning itself.

Nissan cars in India include Sunny, Micra, Terrano, Evalia and Teana. The company uses a nano paint that consists of super hydrophobic and oleophobic material. The nano paint is sprayed over the paint to create a protective layer. When dirt or other particles come across, they simply gets cleared away. This reduces the number of times the car needs to be cleaned. Self-cleaning car, as it is popularly known now, has given positive results of the tests conducted on it.

The driver can simply use a sponge to clean the dirt even after miles of driving. With this paint, Nissan has emerged as first ever company in the world to make use of Ultra Dry Technology. The layer of air between the coating and the paint protects the car from getting stained. This also includes a ‘wash and blow dry' function on its rear view camera, which uses water and compressed air to keep the lens free of dirt. While the lasting of the coat is still being tested under various conditions, the coat has proved useful and successful so far. The company is also conducting a thorough research regarding the same to ensure that the coat stands true to all the promises.

Testing with rain frost and other usual conditions has been performed already and the paint has showed positive response to all of them. The company is now focusing on providing cars that will attend to everyday problems of the customers. They are also planning not to offer the coat as the standard feature but as an additional feature when requested by the customer. However, the official launch of nano paint is yet on papers and nothing is confirmed as of now.  

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