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Santosh Nair Santosh Nair Wednesday 29 June 2016

Tata Tiago

Tata’s little Tiago has a lot going for it. It’s the brand’s best effort to give the market a seasoned package with a reasonable price tag. There’s an unmistakable deviation from the regular design lines this car maker has stuck to over the years. In our endeavour to measure the conduct of this bright contender, we welcomed the diesel Tiago last month to our fleet of long termers. In its diesel formula, the Tiago gets a 1.0-litre Revotorq engine which produces 69bhp and 140Nm of torque.

Now the Tiago has been predominantly my drive since its arrival. Having been driven within city limits this month, we would like to give out some useful bits on the usage experience. We’ll start with what we liked the most…

Tata Tiago

I’ve covered more than 1,000km at the wheel of the Tiago this month. The compact dimensions and visibility of this car makes driving it in the city stress-free. As the steering is direct, parking is easy and is also helped by the rear parking sensors which beeps and depicts distances to objects on the screen.

Tata Tiago

Being equipped with a talented Harman infotainment system with eight speakers and a variety of inputs like usb, aux and iPod capability definitely has its pluses. Music is served with impressive clarity and can instantly lighten up the mood in the cabin.

Tata Tiago

With every instance of using the Tiago, I appreciate the quality and design of the interiors even more. It grows on me and makes me feel like I’m driving a more expensive set of wheels. The centre console and door pads have enough space to pack my knick knacks, bottles and cups.

Some concerns we spotted…

Tata Tiago

A rattle has become audible on the outside front right. It happens every time the car is driven over an uneven surface. Though the service centre was notified of the problem when the Tiago went in for the first service, the sound persists.

Tata Tiago

We noticed that the seats, though well contoured, are just too soft to provide prolonged comfort. While shorter stints were dismissed in reasonable comfort, longer durations on these seats landed me up with slight body aches.

Tata Tiago

Performance from this motor is felt from above 2000rpm. This means that you have to constantly work the gearshift to stay in the rpm range and derive the performance required for any driving requirement. Gear shift quality could have been smoother.


Tata Tiago

After the Tiago joined our long term fleet, it has also been actively supporting our shoots and testing errands. With a mileage of 15kmpl on an average within city limits, it keeps me happy. Now, in the coming month, we will be putting its long distance abilities to test. More on that in the next report…



Photo Courtesy By : Kapil Angane and Santosh Nair

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