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Never buy any TATA car..!!!!

By Dev Kumar on 23 October 2018

Car's Age: 0-3 months


Overall Rating 1
Exterior 1
Interior 1
Ride Quality 1
Maintenance 0/ month
Mileage (city) 10 KMPL
Mileage (highway) 10 KMPL

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Only Marketing!

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Yes, it’s true the looks and features we became so much fan off, were not so smart features after all. In plain and simple words the common-sense was totally missing from this vehicle. Yes, you read it correctly, the common sense is not their at all in TATA NEXON XZ+. First, the Dancing Mirrors Scenario:- You just came out of your home and stepped in your car as soon as you will push the “Start/Stop (SS) Button only once. Your rear blower will start? Dude I am sitting in the front. You should have started the front blowers. As mostly it’s single passengers sitting in the Cars so why the hell in the world you are starting the rear blower first. Strange it is. Then for the Front blowers you press the SS button once again. Okay the Ignition is “ON” now, with front blowers. Good, but why the hell the Side View mirrors are opening. I have not even started the car yet and maybe I was just not going to go anywhere at all but why the Side View mirrors are opening if I am not going anywhere. Talked to TATA MOTORS, they said it’s a Welcome feature in Top variant, so can’t do much about it! Okay, then I closed the Rear view mirrors by pushing the inner controller downward. Cool, they are close now. Now, I start the Engine to go to my office by pressing the SS button (along with Clutch) third time, engine starts, perfect. Side View Mirrors open again. Dude you just lost it. It’s insane. I am such a driver that never uses the Rear view mirrors, and always do the lane driving! So, TATA engineers should have given some sort of disabling mechanism for Side View mirrors’ traumatic dance moves again n again! Keep it simple guys and don’t make a mess of such AI integration. We are humans and we don’t need such repeated welcomes by our daily ride just for starting engine. Twice jeez! Mockery of the SS Button Suppose you have just reached somewhere, want to Stop the car engine, and simply need to wait for someone and keep the Blower/ Fan “ON”. Dude you need to press the SS button three times! Just to “Stop the Engine and keep the FAN ON”. Let me do it for you. First SS Button press shuts the ENGINE OFF (along with Ignition + FAN + Rear Blower, everything “OFF”). Second Press, re-starts the rear blower. Third press, re-starts the front blower / fan for you. Now you can wait for your someone! TATA engineers could have just Shut the Engine off and kept the Fan/ Blower running in the single press isn’t it simple and easy! But TATA don’t want you to wait for anybody in your car. Specially with your fan “ON”. Or be ready to press it three repeated times! Second, the Central locking again without common-sense. Guys, you’re just not safe in TATA NEXON specially the XZ+ model…..yes the top variant is specially designed for only those people who have enough of money to be targeted by robbers again and again! Don’t believe me. Just trying stopping at any red-light and and and don’t try to STOP the engine. ever ever ever. Forget the fuel economy / environment pollution / fuel conservation don’t Switch OFF your engine at any cost. Because, the moment you will do this. NEXON has opened all the four gates for your being vulnerable to robbers outside your car! THIS HAS BEEN THE MOST SHOCKING OF THEM ALL! It’s been one month now. I never switched off my engine at any red-light or anywhere other than my office or my home I FEEL SCARED. IN NEXON XZ+. AS I CANNOT TURN OFF MY ENGINE ANYWHERE AT ALL. I MUST, IMMEDIATELY PRESS THE LOCK/UNLOCK KEY DOWN BELOW TO RE-LOCK ALL YOUR DOORS. AND JUST HOPE THAT YOU ARE FAST ENOUGH THAT NO ROBBER/ MOLESTER / RAPER HOPPED IN YOUR CAR YOU WILL START FEELING SAFE AGAIN IN YOUR CAR! Third only until you open your drivers’ door unlock lever! Yes, I travel mostly alone from my home to office and then back! The moment I open my (driver) unlock lever, all the doors will open. Dude this is not Central locking! If I need to open all the doors I will use the Lock/Unlock Button on the front console! I am just opening my Doors lever to unlock and TATA has once again left you completely vulnerable……by opening all four doors! You can also add My Laptop on the Back seat, lying their with all Car gates open for the uninvited snatcher. Just waiting to be picked jeez I’m once again scared, even my laptop is scared now! Now you know. Why I told that common-sense is missing in this Car! Fourth, You cannot leave your Elderly people inside the Car…… in a NEXON XZ+. Yes, don’t blame TATA for this. You should not bring any Non-technical (or not so tech friendly people along with you in the NEXON car) or teach them to immediately press the Lock/Unlock key (on Dashboard) for closing all doors & for their own safety. Scenario:- My father/ mother both senior citizens, sitting in the car me driving okay. Now, I stop for a moment to bring something from the Market en-route they both are still sitting within the car! I think I should leave them with atleast fan/blower “ON” or they may suffer due to lack of ventilation / air! So, the Ignition is kept “ON”. So the blower can work. Now you stepped out of the car, you just pulled your door unlock- lever. Once again all the doors are open. Immediately teach them to press the Dashboard Key with “Lock/Unlock” Icon on it. Because even if you are carrying the Key in your pocket…….and you try to lock the Car by the key in your hand from outside. All the doors will remain open as the Ignition is “ON”! What good is the Mainkey button Lock when the Ignition is “ON” – NO Good.! Only way to close “ALL” the doors in such a scenario. Make your not so Tech-friendly old parents, learn some tech finally as TATA has once again left them totally vulnerable from outside attacks! I hope you are getting to the main issues, I’m trying to highlight here! Mileage, please don’t ask not atleast me please! My car has just ran 500 Kms in total run and the average shown in the meter for that 500 kms is 10.0 Yes, the Trip meter which I never reset right from the start is showing the average of 10 kms for the whole life distance of 500 kms. Forget the claims TATA motors / or ARAI did for 17 kms average! You’re most welcome to see my Trip meter with 500kms total Car run at 10.0 kms average! Live example for you to see. I had a word yesterday at my Dealer –SAGAR MOTORS, Noida sector -5. Mr. Sanjeevan Kant Sahastri (9811 XXX XXX). He simply said please don’t go with the Meter gauge. They do not show the true picture! Go for full –tank and then do the Mileage calculations. I mean okay but didn’t he meant to say that the Tata Fixed our NEXON vehicles with Faulty Meters. On enquiring further he said he is a New joiner from SKODA Motors and he agreed that my above mentioned points are very valid and their must be some way to disable them through some computer setting” but the actual person who can do this is not present now”. So maybe tomorrow he replied. When the engineer will come they will inform me.

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Interiors (1/5)


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