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An engineering marvel by no other Auto Company

By Vignesh on 31 October 2011

I had recently booked the yellow LX Nano after taking the Test drive at R Mall in Mumbai. It was definitely one of the most surprising vehicles for me.
I had approached their setup at the mall and was encouraged to test drive the vehicle. The first thing i noticed about the vehicle is the compact size. It is definitely an advantage in a crowded city like Mumbai. The other thing i noticed when i sat inside is that there was a lot of headroom. The vehicle felt tall and there was an unbelievable amount of space all around. Suddenly it didnt feel like it was the smallest car in India. I started the engine and could not hear the engine noise. I thought the vehicle had not started but the dealership guy told me that the engine had started and i didnt hear much of the noise inside the vehicle due to the engine being at the rear. On moving around in the vehicle, the steering was effortless however at very slow speeds the effort required could be felt. The AC too was very powerful and at the end of the day it is quite a surprise of how they have managed to make an actual car with all these features in 2 lakh rs. The power windows were also included in this variant. Besides this while driving , a vehicle ahead of me suddenly applied his brakes and i managed to do the same. I was satisfied with the braking performance. Having driven other vehicles which are much above this price range, i believe that this is something the Tata's have made right. I booked the vehicle after a week of reading various reviews and am awaiting the delivery.

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