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Buy a Skoda @ your own risk.

By Ravish Chawla on 23 June 2009

Buy a Skoda @ your own risk.

In the past, I had three cars from the same company which included a Laura as well.

All of the cars that I had, got a number of problems and the staff at their dealerships in Delhi is poorest.

Even their top mgmt. is non-responsive.

The car develops problems like, it starts consuming engine oil more than required, speed does not increase while it is on acceleration mode(in automatic car). When you report this to the company, they say you will have to change the Turbo which costs around Rs. 1 lakh and is not covered under warranty. Even after the Turbo is changed you are not assured whether your problem is solved.
They are a completely mismanaged lot.

P.S : My friend had a Fabia which also developed the same problem after 25000 kms.

SO, buy it at your own risk.

Rather go for a Honda or a Toyota, they are comparitively reliable and have much better cars.

I put up my Laura for sale on this very website, although I sold it elsewhere.

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