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Honda's 15-minute quick-charging feature to be introduced by 2022

Honda's 15-minute quick-charging feature to be introduced by 2022

Monday 27 November 2017, 15:08 PM by Abhishek Nigam

Japanese car manufacturer Honda plans to offer super quick charging feature on their upcoming electric cars

Electric cars being the future of mobility manufacturers are doing everything in their power to make sure that the transition to electric is smooth and that the cars are just as easy to use as their fill it, shut it counterparts. Honda is working to launch electric vehicles capable of 15-minute fast-charging in 2022, in an effort to address one of the key barriers to the wider uptake of EVs. The company plans to roll out all-electric models that can run for 240 km on a single 15-minute charge. By comparison, most of the current EV crop take more than twice the time to reach 80 per cent charge, even when using a fast charger.

To achieve this, Honda is reportedly working on a new type of high-capacity battery that can handle quick charging, with an as-yet unchosen partner firm. This technology, however, will launch after the company rolls out its mass-market EV range, which will likely be based on the recently-revealed Urban EV concept, scheduled for a 2019 introduction in Europe.

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