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Satish Kalepu Satish Kalepu Tuesday 13 October 2009

Mahindra Renault has recently launched the Play variant within the Logan model range. For those people attracted by the performance of the Logan, but possibly wanting an exciting looking car, the answer from Mahindra Renault is the Logan Play. It also opens the door to reach a younger public than usual.

We conducted a test drive this week to know the actual experience of driving a Logan Play.






While the ‘normal’ Logan is probably well known to everyone, the Play makes a surprising impact on sight.

The main thing one notices with the Logan Play are the body graphics and the alloy wheels which give a completely different kind of exteriors compared to older versions. While the Logan Play is available in white and black colour, the body graphics look bolder on the black coloured one. The alloy wheels in red, stand out as well.

At the back side of the car, we find an in-built spoiler which improves the rear side view of the car. The muffler cutter too has been changed, giving the car a more sporty look.

Of course, the general shape of the car has not been changed. Hence, though a different superficial look, one must still like the specific look of this sedan, to like the Play. 


The Renault Logan has a typical European design, designed for space and practicality in terms of length and width. As such, this makes it a complete sedan .Much attention has been given to comfortable seating of three persons in the rear seat.

The main advantage of the Logan is an impressive build quality and engineering. The car has ‘galvanised rigid robust body’ which has been crafted with laser welding techniques. This should provide more safety and a longer life.

Important to note is that Renault offers 5 years anti-rust warranty on the Logan, apart from the two year warranty which itself suggest the reliability of body.

Still, the car has a certain look which the buyer must like. The Play imprints do distract a bit from that, so that the attraction improves.



The main consideration in engine design is the combination of performance, reliability and mileage.

The Logan’s engines have been built with technology that has been a success in European countries. This should provide some comfort to the reliability of the engine for long term usage.

The Logan gives a mileage with a mileage of 21KMPL in the diesel version and 14.4 KMPL in the petrol version. As for performance, there is a good ratio of power developed to the torque available. With a torque of 110NM at 3000 RPM (petrol), this gives a good practical torque, since generally the driving RPM in the city would be around 3000 RPM at which the car gives its maximum torque, ensuring better performance on road.

The Logan Play comes in a diesel and a petrol variant. The1.4 GLX petrolis equipped with a 1390 cc engine, delivering 75BHP and 110NM torque. The1.5 DLX Dieselcomes with a 1461 cc, 65 BHP power and 160 NM torque. The torque is on the higher side compared to the competition

The Logan (Play) is quite a spacious car. Entering the car is quite easy and the sitting position can be adjusted easily and the height can be adjusted manually with the lever provided.

In the Play, there have been a number of changes internally. First of all, the fabric colours have been changed to a two-tone. The floor mats carry a red lining. Also, the Play carries an impressive music system.

The fine finishing of the flat console adds to the decent image of the interiors. The car comes with a driver information system that indicates that approximate distance that can be covered with the fuel available. It works quite well and reduces the stress on the driver during the critical period of the last level of fuel.

Other than that, the interiors are decent. There is sufficient space to sit comfortably, in the front and back. In fact, the Logan is touted as the broadest sedan in its class!

Standard features of Logan Play Petrol and Diesel include power windows, central locking, AC, power-steering, remote operated fuel tank lid, ORVM, rear door trim with fabric, rear head restraint, roof antenna and radio prewiring. The Logan Play comes in a single trim which compares to the higher trims in the standard Logan.



If we check out the various components, we can see that while the technical prowess of all the cars is similar, the Logan stands out in size (the largest width) and mileage (for which the Logan is quite well known).

At the same time, the Logan does come at the higher end of the pricing spectrum, especially in the case of the Logan Play.


I took a testdrive of the Logan 1.5 DLX diesel. While moving to the parking lot, I noticed the frontal design of the car which though simple makes a good sense of decent design with a bold impression of the Renault Logo. The car’s body graphics make it feel like a truly upgraded sporty looking car which is bound to get noticed.

As I entered the car, I was welcomed by the new cushioning leather upholstery with new design and the name Logan embossed in it. The black leather upholstery matches well with the beige interiors.

After taking a seat, I gave a look to the interiors. The important things which give comfort are the comfortable seat with adjustable height and lumbar support. The rear seats are provided with head rest for 3. The dashboard is wide and neatly designed. The central console music system matches well with the interiors, though it was a bit surprising to see the good old, flat design of the same.

As I switched on the ignition, various information such as distance that can be covered with existing fuel, the tachometer, the LCD Display for digital clock, total km, en

gine temperature, door open warning light all sprang into motion. I noticed only a slight noise and vibrations from the engine, quite acceptable for the strong diesel engine.

Here, one point to note is that the side indicator control is provided on left side of the steering wheel, rather than on the right side as in conventional Indian cars. This is also for the wiper control. It indicates that the same design which is in other markets is being reapplied as per Indian norms.

As we took the vehicle out of the showroom we were welcomed by the ever increasing traffic of Bangalore’s ring road, where performance matters most - a mixture of heavy traffic, speed bumps, signals and free roads. The suitable positioning of rearview mirror, the cabin mirror and the broad rear glass, helped me to have a clear view of the vehicles behind the car.

We moved on and came across a narrow turning under a bridge. Turning was quite easy as the steering is really smooth – that was the first thing I noticed.

Later as we moved to the main road, there was not much need to change gears frequently, but whatever shifting I did was quite easy and smooth. However, the car does require careful handling while releasing the clutch, since the engine tended to stall a few times while I drove.

We drove the vehicle on the ring road - the pick up was quite good and the brakes too were quite responsive. We were able to traverse the various road humps comfortably as the suspension is quite good. It took me some time to get used to the smooth steering and fast pick up (compared to my old Esteem car) but finally I found the car quite easy to handle.

Abroad, French cars in general (and Renault specifically) are known for their comfortable seating. The Logan too has broad seats and the car can comfortably seat three in the back. I got a good view of the road in it.

As we drove back to the showroom, the parking was quite easy, thanks to the reverse parking sensors. Though, I did really need them, as the car is quite broad and parking without the sensors might be a challenge. 

Tech specs
Technical Specifications
Make Mahindra
Model Renault Logan
Variant 1.5 DLE
Engine capacity (cc) 1461
Max Power (BHP) 65
Max Torque in NM 160
Fuel efficiency 21
Dimensions (mm)
Ground clearance (mm) 172
Length 4247
Width 1740
Boot space 510
Wheel base 2630
Tyre rating 185/70R14
Fuel Tank Capacity (l) 50
Turning circle radius 5.25
Features 1.5 DLE 1.5 DLX 1.5 DLS 1.4 GLE 1.4 GLX 1.6 GLX
Power windows Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Power steering Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Air conditioning Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Leather Seats No No No No No No
Seat adjust Manual Manual Manual Manual Manual Manual
Music System No No Yes No No No
ABS No No Yes No No No
Airbag No No Yes No No No
Body graphics No No No No No No
Wheels Steel Steel Steel Steel Steel Steel
Ex Showroom price (lakh) 5.7 6.12 6.58 4.58 4.86 5.2
Indigo CS
Maruti Suzuki
Swift Dzire
Variant 1.5 Diesel Play LS Dicor 1.4TDCI 1.4TDCi ZXi ZDI
Engine capacity (cc) 1461 1396 1399 1399 1248
Power (BHP@rpm) 65@4000 70@4000 68@4000 68@4000 75@4000
Torque (NM) 160@2000 140@3000 160@2000 160@2000 190@2000
Fuel efficiency Average 21 16 17 17 19
Ground clearance (mm) 172 165 167 168 170
Length (mm) 4247 3988 4145 4282 4160
Width (mm) 1740 1620 1632 1686 1690
Boot space (l) 510 380 400 430 440
Wheel base (mm) 2630 2450 2486 2486 2390
Fuel Tank Capacity (l) 50 42 45 45 42
Ex Showroom price 6.6 4.8 5.33 7.3 6.63

With the Launch of Logan Play, Mahindra Renault attempts to bring spice to an otherwise decent and reliable car.

The car is a good combination of power, performance, interior quality, external features, and mileage. In fact, these are the exact features which have made the car attractive to the Taxi industry.

The adoption of the Logan by the Merus and other companies, confirms its quality and mileage. At the same time, it has also made the car somewhat less desirable in the eyes of the consumer – a paradox indeed!

Another point of debate can be the look of the car – it is hard to call the Logan a sleek or sexy looking car. It is indeed, adecent vehicle. The Play variant helps lend the car a sexier look which makes it clearly different from the existing Logans, and it is sure to catch an extra eye from anyone who sees it.

In conclusion, the Logan is a decent, value for money car. The Logan Play, which is a bit more expensive, lends a touch of uniqueness and difference to it. For those who had considered Logan but backed out, it will be a good reason to reconsider. For those, looking for a sedan with a difference, this may be it. 

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