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Indepth Review of Verna

By Prasad on 03 November 2009

The first gear is very weak and takes a lot of time. The second is better and the third is out this world. The first to second gear change should happen at 20km/h. The second to third should happen at 40km/h. The 3rd-4th should happen at 55km/h. This ratio creates a problem while driving inside the city, imagine if you are in third gear and you brake to 25km/h, you expect to remain in 3rd. But that is not possible, the engine starts sounding noisy and there is an uncomfortable feeling which is because the gear ratios were not fixed correctly.
The gear shift is little notchy. Now these are all the bad points, coming to the good points, the car is very very drivable even though the gear ratios are bad. The steering is light and easy inside the city, and car powers on like a bull, it is free revving and chews up competition easily. The expected mileage is 13/14 in the city and 18/20 in the highway. So imagine driving a powerful car which gives you the mileage of a santro and that too the at the price of one liter of diesel.

The suspension is very good, much improved in comparision to the accent, the Verna is a very heavy car weighing 1173 Kgs. The Civic itself weighs only 1210 Kgs. Thus this gives it a solid feel, the car feels heavy and planted and the suspension is good. The vibrations and the shocks are well absorbed. Another thing about Hyundai cars is that thier metal bends inward when depressed with your hands, meaning the build is very flimsy. You would find this problem in the Aceent and the Santro, but the build of the Verna is very good and solid. This car was bulit keeping in mind a diesel engine unlike the Accent.

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