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You definitely can't compare the build quality of a Swift with i20.

By Mani on July 13, 2010

The Swift interiors are a typical and leaves a lot to desire. Compare that to the interiors of even an i10 or a Santro...the plastic quality, the "thump" of the door when it shuts, the liberal usage of chrome...all these things make you feel pampered. As far as the engine is concerned..all maruti cars need a lot of revving (high rpm) to get that power out. Swift has a 1.3 while i20 has a 1.2 ltr engine. I have driven both and i defintely give a thumbs up to the i20 for the smoothness with which it builds up its power. Swift will be great for someone raring to go as soon as the signal turns green..personally that's not my style. I would rather gracefully build up the power than have to revv it up like a dog on a leash.

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