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Full User Review of Fiat Linea

By Ketul Odich on 10 January 2010

On 25th December, I took ownership of this italian model. Fortune Cars, Navi Mumbai was my dealer and I'm very happy to have them with me. Delivery of the car along with all documents, Lord Ganpathi idol and sweetbox made me humbled. The Linea key chain is too good. I thank Mr. Salim for giving me the best offer and handling the complete deal the way I wanted.


You run this darling and yes 'Admiration is Guranteed', people are stucked!!! A kid came to me and said, 'noone has such a car in our society of 1500 flats', what do you say to this!!! Fiat has proved, they were and are really good in designing. People stop looking at Honda City, SX4 and the similar sedans in this class, they admire this gem of a piece. The look and feel of this italian lady is really outstanding. The moment somebody looks at it, they feel the value is above 10 lacs, but it is not!! I took her to a car accessories shop, shopkeeper couldn't mention anything except the perfume to this emotion pack. These are compliments!!!!!!

Interior (Features, Space & Comfort)

The technologically advanced features including Microsoft Blue & Me are too good. Comfort in this vehicle is beyond your imagination. You feel soft and cozy being seated. Except less headroom (from the roof), you have everything you can think off better leg room, confort for driver and 1st passenger. The boot space is like kid's bedroom (500 litres), wow!!!!

Engine Performance, Fuel Economy and Gearbox

My need was for my family and not taking it daily to the office. Keeping the day-to-day running in back of our mind, we decided to go for petrol version. Seeting inside, you don't know if the car is on or off and so it has been fitted with double cranking prevention system. You find reviews for Linea mentioned with less power comments, I have a argument here, I hope we have this as sedan and not a racing car. This car can take you and your family very smoothly and easily up hills also, the power required to run this cuty in a bit aggressive mode is available.

Driving is a leisure with Linea. A very smooth and silent gearbox, you feel like running the car on sea. I will be watching the fuel economy space, as of now I can claim 9-10 with new engine. It should improve after few hundreds of kms.

Ride Quality & Handling

I have never experienced such a comfort and quality of ride. As I mentioned above, you feel like drivind this on ocean. The power steering handles this sedan very well. The moment you reach 4th gear and above, it runs on your finger tips!!!!

Final Words

Luxury In New Elegant Automotive (LINEA) - Go for fully loaded Emotion Pack. I love my choice, thnx a ton to everyone involved in design, making and assembling of this car. I'm thankful to Fortune Cars, Navi Mumbai also (Sales peron Mr. Salim) for handling the complete deal so nicely.

Areas of improvement

Option of going for 16" and 17" Alloy wheels (as available in Italy and Brasil)
Emotion pack should have GPS in built (India too has good database now like

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