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Anil Ambani Drives A Lamborghini Gallardo...

26 February 2016, 11:41 AM

In the rarefied world of supercars, there are only a handful of names who have truly left an indelible mark into the souls of motoring fans who consider these cars as the pinnacle of road-going rocket-ships. The Lamborghini Gallardo may be up for retirement now that the Huracan is here, but there’s no getting away from the fact that the Gallardo continues to be one of the finest creations to power out of the factory gates in modern times.

The sharp creases all over the exterior only served to heighten the edgy feeling one gets when sighting this beauty. It looks like a rocket ship from outer-space and certainly sounds like one thanks to that brute of a ten-cylinder engine that powers it. Over the car’s production cycle, Lamborghini went on to produce both, a coupe, as well as a spyder edition. What’s more, both were offered with a choice of two-wheel & all-wheel drive christened the LP550-2 & LP560-4 respectively. Needless to say, in supercar world, the factory editions are never enough and out came some extra-special customs including a Superleggera Edizione Tecnica.

Looking at the car, it isn’t all that tough to understand, what the fuss over it is all about. For, the car which was first unveiled back in 2003 – yes, the Lamborghini Gallardo is over 13 years old (more than a few lifetimes in the supercar world). Everyone from owners to onlookers could hardly stop themselves from stopping and staring unabashedly each time a specimen passed by them.

There are quite a decent number of these cars in the country today, with practically all of them living in the metros. One such Gallardo also graced the Anil Ambani cars collection at the time. Industrialist, communication giant & society leader, Mr. Ambani has been known for his rather eclectic taste in cars.

The Gallardo from the Anil Ambani cars stable may have been purchased for him to drive around in. But given the understandably busy schedules of one of the top industrialists in the country, it was put on family duty. The Lambo’ was actually one of two cars used to ferry his children around in it. Since they weren’t eligible to drive the car themselves, the industrialist had his team of trusted drivers take them along on joyrides whenever the need arose. Based in Mumbai, the Gallardo was spotted multiple times along the Queens Necklace and other, southern parts of town.

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