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Summer Car Care Tips...

04 May 2016, 12:00 PM

Summers in India tend to be particularly rough on people, animals & vehicles. The soaring heat spares nothing - fluids, filters, cooling systems, and fibre/rubber parts - everyone suffers. This is why the summer car care tips below should help you motor around in the heat:

• Begin with popping the hood & conducting a full visual inspection. Agreed that in this day & age of engine covers, there’s little that’s visible, but it ought to be done nevertheless. Check for frayed belts and degrading hoses.

• Next, check & top-up all important fluids. Oil for the brakes & the power-steering are the two key ones that come to mind.

• Pay close attention to the coolant levels. Top it up if it is running low. Better still, it is a best practice to replace the coolant annually, preferably before the onset of summer.

• Check the engine oil level & top-up as needed. A summer-service would do the car a world of good & is advisable.

• Make sure the air-conditioning system is serviced & gas recharging is carried out to ensure maximum cooling efficiency & minimum strain on the engine.

• Clean the air-conditioning vents thoroughly. Most people tend to ignore the ducts & keep pumping out state air. Also change out the pollen/air-conditioning filter, if it has been a while since you last did so.

• Get the battery inspected as well as the entire electrical charging & supply system. You don’t want to be stranded by the roadside on a summer afternoon in the sweltering heat. 

• The paint finish on cars in India takes an unbelievable beating from the sun in the summers. A quality paint protection job should help keep the colour from fading away.

• As far as possible, find a covered parking spot for your car, like a basement or under an awning. You could even park under a tree as well.

• One of the summer car care tips is to avoid rolling the windows all the way up when parking. Leaving them open a crack lets the air circulate & prevent the interior from turning into an oven.

• Invest in a windshield blind that you can use to shield your interiors from the direct assault of the sun. They’re cheap to buy & are surprisingly effective.   

Lastly, use a quality vinyl & upholstery protectant to prevent the interior of the car from fading under the sun.

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