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Best Car Accessories For Teenagers...

23 January 2016, 10:05 AM

The teenage years are the golden years and when you’ve got your own wheels, it makes life sweeter. Plus, the best way to spruce up the ride, is to personalize it with some carefully selected accessories. Manufacturers of new cars these days have made things easier by either providing the essentials as standard or offering them as an option. Yet, there is a lot that one can do.

Here’s a list of some of the best car accessories for teenagers that are available today. This is by no means an exhaustive one, rather, aiming to merely spark off the idea that there’s loads of cool stuff out there waiting to be found.

  • Mobile holder: A mobile phone is a de-facto thing to have in the car these days. From merely functional choices, to some of the snazzier looking ones, one just needs to look them up and chances are they’ll find what they’re looking for. A word of advice though, always test with your own phone, rather than opting for something that’s marketed better.

  • USB Charger: Given the sheer amount of personal electronic gadgets these days, it is no surprise to know that USB chargers are counted among the best car accessories for teenagers. A dual-port high Amp model would be the one to opt for.

  • OBD Scanner: All new cars these days come with an On-board diagnostic port (OBD) and a scanner would make for a great buy to satisfy the geeky teenager should they be so inclined. Synced up via a dedicated app to the phone, this would throw up all sorts of interesting statistics about various performance parameters.

  • Audio System: With most OEM head-units offering a great amount of connectivity and media playback options, upgrading the music system in new cars is merely the case of swapping the speakers for better ones and powering them via an external amplifier. If needed, one can easily add in a sub-woofer to pump up the bass a bit.

  • Bobble heads: Bobble heads are often a talking point and can be great as conversation starters. Little wonder then to see them being counted among the best car accessories for teenagers.

  • Car Fragrances: The fragrance of a car speaks volumes about the owner. From gel-based ones to ones that are to be hung in the car, there’s all types out there. So choose as per your preferences.

Apart from these, there are plenty of car accessories for teens available in the market today. Since everyone’s taste differs as does the choice, it is best to make the rounds of the accessory shops in the area.

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